Celeb Poker $500 freeroll Update / CheckRayz Leaderboard Shootout news...

As you all may know, we've had affiliate side issues with celeb poker over the last few weeks. Players were downloading, but not tracking to me. Additionally, the scheduled tournaments were not visible to our players. We have resolved these issues and are ready to proceed with the CheckRayz $500 Promotional Freeroll at Celeb Poker. Because there were issues, Celeb and I have decided to reschedule the event to the end of the month.

The $500 freeroll will now be held on 7/27 at 10pm EDT. Additionally, we'll have the first event of the third quarter CheckRayz Leaderboard tour on 7/14 at 10pm, which will be the heads up challenge. Anyone who is interested first needs to ensure they've downloaded through me. 1. If you've yet to download Celeb's poker room, you may do so using this link to Celeb Poker.

2. To verify you're properly tracking through me, open the Celeb Poker software, and scroll down. If you can see a tournament on 7/14 and another on 7/27 (both 10pm EDT, which is GMT-4), then you're one of mine. People who do not download through me are unable to see these tournaments. It should be noted that Celeb's default timezone is GMT, so do the math and adjust accordingly.

3. To qualify for this promotional freeroll, one must rake 50 hands.

4. Registration for this event will be open 24 hours prior to tournament start.

5. I will be available by email, instant messenger, and telephone on the day before and day of to assist players in regestering in the event there are issues, however, I caution anyone on waiting until the last minute to rake their hands. 6. I'll be available via email for anyone wishing to verify their raked hands count. I will need the six digit pin number in order to verify your hands. I reccommend not posting your pin on the forum however. Recap : $500 freeroll, on and rescheduled. 50 raked hands gets you "on the bus." $50 heads up kicking off the quarter.

In other news...

On wednesday, I expect to have information confirming the CheckRayz Leaderboard Shootout for the second quarter. The things I can confirm presently:

1. Despite not being top ten, Clayshooter will be eligable to defend his crown.

2. Should he choose to do so, there will be a launch bonus on him of some sort.

3. In making a command decision, I'm making it a top 15 tournament, plus I am awarding one guest spot as a token of appreciation. This decision is based on numerous factors.

Time, date, amount and location, I expect to announce on Wednesday...

Stay tuned,