Champion Crowned...

Well, the second quarter CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour is now in the record books. Reelcrazy has been crowned the second quarter champion. As an interesteing side note, Reel has won every CheckRayz tourney he has entered this past quarter. Absolutely amazing. Great job! While I was not there for the ending of the tournament, I hear it was exciting with lots of back and forth action.

A key hand while I was there had me limping utg with an M of about ten, six players remaining, and roughly the average stack. Action folded around reel, our chip leader, who puts in a small raise, roughly twice the pot. When limping, this was EXACTLY what I had hoped for. I didn't wish to be heads up with a short stack. Honestly I wouldn't have minded having a shortstack in between, but I wanted our chip leader in the big blind to raise, which he was doing when he seemingly had a hand. So, getting my wish, I re-raise all-in. He's pretty sure he's facing one of four hands (if he counted the hammer in his four), but makes the call, considering he is also in the range. With all my chips in the center of the table and in my most preferred of situations, I watch an ace hit the flop giving him a pair of aces with a king kicker to my pocket pair of kings. Dream situation, variance dictated it wasn't happening tonight.

As a reminder, we have the $500 promotional freeroll poker tournament at Celeb Poker this week. Download Celeb Poker through me, open an account, deposit, and play 50 raked hands at .50/$1 or higher between June 1 and the tourney start date to be eligable for play.

Finally, my "monthly" game is coming up in one week. I have to admit, mentally I am still not "ready for prime time." My reads are getting better, but my head's just not in the game as of late, as I had previously mentioned. This week though, I'll be going through the Hulk Hogan training routine by bleaching my hair, dying my skin, and throwing baby oil all over myself saying my prayers, taking my vitamins, and working hard. I just have to clear my mind and focus. This week, I'll get back into the game.

Good luck to everyone participating in the Shark Vet Series. I'm unable to participate due to my Sunday afternoon committments to my weekly local live games I run.