WSOP Day 1A recap...

Thanks to CardPlayer Magazine, here are some of the highlights of Day 1A of the WSOP:

Norm MacDonald was chipleader, then got mowed down, then eliminated.

Player named Jack Mahalingam pushes allin with pocket 8's (eight spades, eight clubs). Up against pocket fives. 6s, 5s, 5d hits the board, followed by 9s. The one outer... 7s comes giving the striaght flush over quad fives. Grab the man a towel.

A "call bluff" with high card of eight is made.

Mike Sexton, with QQ, eliminates "Action Dan" holding J7s when the fourth heart hits the board, giving Sexton a higher flush.

"Jennicide" got her dates mixed up and was absent for most of the day, only to fight back for the privledge of having her queens lay down vs pocket twos.

Gus Hansen has his aces cracked and is later eliminated 66 v A7o.

David Sklansky doubles his stack, and then some throughout day 1.

Dutch Boyd gets mowed down by eight six not suited. He builds back up, but is eliminated when his opposition calls his allin with Ace ten, bustin up the pocket queens.

One player had pocket aces nine times during day 1a!

Some notable chip counts

1. Paul McCaffrey 111,800
27. Mike Sexton 42,500
30. Barry Greenstein 34,500
35. (like the name) Victor Hammar 33,000
48. David Sklansky 26,000