Hey Mike… how bout a blog post some time this year?


So after some time off from blogging and away from the poker table, by popular demand I’m back. Not sure “how” back, but I am in fact back. Got a lil table action in this weekend, first at my bud’s bachelor party, where I took down the ten person tourney just in time to come home to play in the CheckRayz Championships. Way to go Reel, our second quarter champion. It should be noted, Reel is undefeated in CheckRayz tourneys for the second quarter. We’ll see if he can maintain his perfect run when he goes one on one in the steel cage vs. Clayshooter in the title vs. title match. Details to come soon.

Speaking of details, Thursday is the CheckRayz $500 promotional freeroll at Celeb Poker. Download CelebPoker through me, deposit, rake fifty hands at .50/1 or higher, and earn a chance to compete for $500 in a small field. Don’t wait until the last minute to meet the requirements. Get started now!

In other news, I managed to finish a strong 8th in a $3 Noble Poker rebuy tourney yesterday. I was really happy with my play and my reads, in addition to the cash. This follows up my fourth place finish in my “weekly” game. I’m beginning to believe the time away from the tables allowed me to re-focus. That being said, look out at the “monthly” tournament this weekend. Could it be a three-peat for the Beer Guy? Well, not exactly a three-peat, as Mitch stole one won a tournament in between my two wins. In any event, I look to become the first three time winner of the “monthly” game. Only “the shirt” and I have won the tournament twice. Speaking of “the shirt,” he had a strong second place finish in the “weekly” game. Way to go!

My favorite hand from the “weekly” game, I had chipped up as the blinds increased, action folds to me. I look at the hole cards and see the ever so powerful 4-5 suited (to spades) lookin back at me. I think for a second, and throw in a 4x blinds raise. The small blind calls cleanly and the big blind folds. Flow comes 4 clubs -10 spades, eight of spades. The small blind bets out ¾ of the pot, leaving about half the pot behind his bet at best. Obviously this is one of those “moments” where I either move all-in or I fold, for if I call this bet, he’s all-in on the turn no matter what falls. Of course, I have to talk this through out loud. I need all the help I can get making live reads, especially considering I have more time to think it through live than online.

My read on my opposition is one of the following:

Ace of spades - x unsuited, with X being a card lower than nine, 40% likely

King-Queen not suited through king eight not suited, with the king being of spades 25% likely

King-ten suited, King Jack suited, with neither of which being spades 25% likely

Pocket twos (don’t ask) or ace-x suited or king jack suited to spades 10% likely.

If he has a pocket pair higher than twos, he reraises. If he’s playing Ace big suited, once again, he reraises. More than likely if on a flush draw he moves all-in.

So, let’s count up my outs if I am currently behind.

If in fact I am behind, my fives are probably good, giving me three outs clean. My remaining fours are probably clean as well, so we’ll call that two. I’m “probably” good on the flush draw, but we’ll call it eight outs, because it’s very well likely he has either the ace or king of spades. So, we’re looking at roughly 13 outs if I am behind or on a redraw. Additionally, there’s a runner-runner miracle straight on the board. If I am wrong and he’s suited to spades and we flush, I have five outs but still have him covered and have barely enough chips to survive. Although, my M remains between six and ten whether I fold now, or move all-in and lose… Hmmm.

Of course, my opposition interrupts me and says something along the lines of “is this all math to you?” His posture sooooo suggests he wants me to fold. He’s not wanting me to call, nor is he wanting me to move. This really convinces me that I am ahead. He might be on a draw, but I’m ahead. So, I raise to all-in. He gets irritated and calls, and flips over King-Jack of spades to my four five of spades. A five hit’s the turn, giving me two pair and a ten of diamonds hits the board, missing the both of us. I get the old “good game, you prick,” and he’s ousted from the tournament. It should be noted, I don’t think anyone at that tournament, let alone that table could have put me on four-five of spades.

Well, that’s it for now… Who knows, maybe I can put forth a second blog post tomorrow and make it two posts in a row?

Until then…