Sleepless nights, a day late and well over “three-fitty” short…

So much for the “I’ll begin regular writing either the next day or the day after.” I did really have all intentions of beginning the writing again on July 5. We went from my modem blowing over the weekend to my creative side blowing a gasket. Unfortunately one nearly sleepless night after another produces on hell of a case of writer’s block.

Additionally, in efforts to combat insomnia and/or writer’s block, I do not recommend either of the following activities:

1. Trying to play yourself to sleep. Correction, if you do, play freerolls or very low limit sit n gos. Do not play your regular level cash games (I am stuck about three-fitty from trying “play myself to sleep.”

2. Trying to “play through the writer’s block.” You will not be inspired to write. Additionally, with no sleep you are not very creative. The only thing you will end up with is a set of pocket tens and the conviction that “they can’t possibly have played exactly King Queen or exactly 8-7 that way. My set has to be good and he has to have aces or kings, and the other guy has either ace big or an under pair,” which then turns into what your sleepless mind believes is a “bad beat story” even though you believe there’s no such thing as a “bad beat” only a bad play or a bad read.

3. Getting ballsy with a sub-par hand near the bubble when the button and cutoff just know you’re in the mood to come out of the BB swinging, especially when said cutoff and buttons are Sharky and Born respectively.

4. Believing for one second that you can either read a book for mastery of context or proofread something suitable for print.

5. Give someone directions as to how to get to your house. It is just not going to happen.
Anyways, next time I do not sleep for two to three days straight, I will better know what not to do.

As a reminder, I'll be moving the CheckRayz server this weekend and into next week. Once we get moved and verify we're up and running, we'll resume our tournament play. Additionally, look for a mid-day update on the CheckRayz $500 promotional freeroll poker tournament both here and in the shark forum later today. Next week, we'll discuss the second quarter tour championship, confirming a date, time and location.