highlights from the CheckRayz-Celeb $500 free poker tourney

1. The poker tournament started at 10pm EDT.

2. The tournament was still going when blinds were 200,000/400,000 at 3am EDT, with five players remaining.

3. It became "correct" to not play unless one had pocket aces.

4. Gary812 set a world record for most times folding on the button in a row.

5. Reelcrazy found out why it's not always ok to min raise (although he seems to think that I'd have called an allin with my pocket sixes).

6. The software ended up glitching, causing blinds to not post and the button was froze on Gary.

7. The tournament will be rescheduled.

That being said, we have our makeup tournament scheduled for 10pm EDT on Friday August 4th at 10pm EDT. Once again, this tournament will be a $500 promotional freeroll poker tournament for CheckRayz members. You must have downloaded Celeb's poker room through me, which can also be done right here (download CelebPoker to being raking and enter the private $500 freeroll poker tournament here). Remember, 50 raked hands at .50/1 or above between June 1 and now gets you in!