Steppin' Back...

As I had mentioned previously, I've been having "issues" recently with my poker game, whereas I had a mental block of sorts preventing me from thinking beyond my own hand. For this reason, I've suspended almost all cash games participation for myself until I overcome this block.

One cannot be a successful ring game player while thinking no further than level zero. Typically, I think on my own hand, I think on my opposition's hand, I ponder what he thinks I have, and I ponder what he thinks I think he has. Far cry from the "I have top pair and a decent kicker, thus bet" approach I cannot seem to get beyond recently.

So, because of this deficiency, I've taken a step back from playing poker. I'm still reading on poker, as it's imperative for me to continue learning, but other than select tournaments, I'm not playing.

I am, however, playing a few random casino games here and there, specifically three card poker. My bankroll and I are enjoying the mindless pleasure of clicking and getting paid without much thought what so ever. No longer am I sitting in front of my monitor requiring myself to be so cereberal. Now, I am George Jetson on the job. A quality control rep. Either the Spaceley Sprocket is good (Q-6-4 or better) and I send it to the assembly line, or it's not (Q-6-4 or worse), and thus I reject the sprocket. It's that simple for me.

Did I mention the kickass deposit bonuses some of these casinos have as well? Via the Shark Forum, I came across two that immediately kicked up to $200 in as bonus. One of the casinos allowed me to deposit $35 to begin playing through the $200, the other required $50. Both of those casinos, if I recall correctly, required 10 times play-through, meaning I had to wager the $200 ten times over before I was able to withdraw the bonus amount. I didn't stop there either. I ran down the Kiwi Casino and completed the first leg of their bonus (total of $300 bonus available via Kiwi) in the same manner. I'll be looking to finish up the second leg of that bonus early in the week.

I'm still a poker/hold'em man at heart here. But, these mindless games are hitting the spot, given my present issues. Nothing like remaining just as, if not more productive while struggling with something of this nature, right?

Oh, in case I forgot to mention, Sharky is coming out with a Vegas Strip website very soon. He'll have some of the best casino bonuses on the net available to everyone through the Vegas Strip. Me, I'll dabble in casino promoting via the blog and CheckRayz site. I don't yet foresee a strictly casino site in my near future. In fact, if you're interested, I've started a casino section on the blog. Feel free to click one of the links on the right if it catches your eye. I'll be adding more as I deem it appropriate.

On the agenda today is the weekly game, a bit more 3-cardin'... maybe looking to knock through 2 bonuses by lunchtime, perhaps? And then finally cappin' it off with the second leg of the MSOP. I believe stud is the game of choice tonight.