CheckRayz Challenge for the month of May

I've been hinting at a big announcement regarding CheckRayz and the month of May. Well, May is here, and coincidentally enough, so is the announcement.

As we all may or may not know, we have five "featured rooms" at CheckRayz. These are the rooms who provide us with the most support and tournaments. I carefully select these rooms using my "special formula." They keep the lights on and the money rolling in on the 'Rayz site. My "Challenge" for the month of may involves each of these five featured rooms.

First though, I'd like to welcome Poker4ever as our newest member to the featured rooms list of fame. Poker4ever are a relatively new, and quite innovative poker room. They "get it" in that they offer plenty of free money to those who "work" their site. The more ya play, the more free money you can chance winning. Simple enough.

OK, on to the introduction of the May edition of the CheckRayz Challenge:

Bottom lining you here, folks, we're stepping up to the plate and awarding $100 first prize to the playa who generates the most overall net rake at the five combined featured rooms. I'm using all five combined because sometimes a given poker room doesn't have a "good game" in one's "comfort zone" so sometimes it takes a few different rooms to give me the game or games I am looking for (read: the beer guy has several rooms he plays ring games and tourneys at, and will never limit his focus to only one room). It is possible to be the winner of this challenge by using only one room, should you have a room that you're comfortable with like that, of course. Naturally, you must "track" under me so that I can monitor and verify the progress in this challenge (yet another reason why we're using five rooms, some peeps are under me at only three or four rooms, I don't wish to exclude anyone). Additionally, I am excluded from participating in this Challenge event. In the leaderboard tourneys I'm in the trenches with you guys. Not the case with the challenge this month. Finally, in order to have your play considered for this Challenge, you must make a deposit in the month of may at each site you wish to be considered for. Oh, I nearly forgot, the winner of the challenge at each site will receive a swag gift package from the particiapting featured poker rooms. Of course, I do reserve the right to modify or adjust the terms of this challenge as I have to, but that's the scope of the deal.

CheckRayz Challenge Summary

1. deposit at CheckRayz featured poker rooms you're "tracked" through me,

2. "Donk it up" at these rooms, generating profit for yourself and in the process we're calculating your net rake. Rake the most combined net rake in the month of May, win $100,

3. Generate the most net rake at one of the featured rooms, win a gift pack,

4. Beer Guy, not eligable... Everyone else tracked by me, is eligable,

5. Beer Guy will fine tune this challenge as he has to (note: I'll only tweak as "necessary," which also means I will not "take away" from the challenge, I'll either add to it or further define to close any loopholes my non lawyering donk self have left open and discovered).

Should this challenge catch on, receive positive feedback and generate results, I'll reserve the right to do it again in June and beyond, as well as offer additional challenges, perhaps ones more exclusive to individual featured rooms.

One final note, keep in mind folks, more "activity" translates into more money added. Unless its a site specific special freeroll, I have absolutely no intentions of holding a freeroll above $100 presently. Any additional funds the poker rooms kick our way will be used to either sweeten the buyins, or to hold additional buyins. In this manner, this challenge of mine is designed to reward the players for playing, give further incentive to players to play, and to sweeten our portfolio of money added buyins for the leaderboard tour. Thanks to all for supporting our tour and for giving it your all at our featured rooms.

Edit 5/11 ---- The Beer guy is envoking his right/need to modify the terms and conditions of the challenge.

1. Each room one wishes to have their play considered for count, must have a deposit in the month of May.

2. Players become "active" in the challenge when they reach the established minimum threshold in one of the featured rooms based on activity, detailed below.

(condition one in the edit applies for all rooms you wish to be considered for in the month of May. Condition two is a minimum requirement, which needs to be only met in one of the five featured rooms.)

List of CheckRayz Featured Poker Rooms - * May 11 edit, reflecting min. requirement for activation

Poker4ever - accumulate 250 rake points

Celeb Poker - 250 raked hands at .50/$1 and above

Hollywood Poker - 300 poker points *** Beer Guy's reccomendation.

Kiwi Poker - earn 1000 aces (note for tourney players: aces are awarded for tournament play at a rate of 20 aces per $1 buyin fee).

River Belle Poker - 300 raked hands at .50/1 and above