Fillmaff Rules!

Bill Fillmaff has taught me to win virtual millions with his proven method... Secret system! Thanks to Bill and his instructional videos I now have a whole closet of "virtual sockrolls." If Fred McGriff were endorsing poker videos, this is the one he'd choose!

The ten most important things Bill Fillmaff and Secret System have taught me:

10. I owe him a royalty when I win a tournament with his signature hand (KJoffsuit). He has it copywritten.

9. I've been pronouncing Bellagio wrong for all these years.

8. Without Secret System, we're all donkeys.

7. Reading his book is positive EV.

6. Not reading his book is negative EV.

5. Multi-tabling was invented by Bill Fillmaff and is possible not just online, but also live, with the help of a picture of yourself, placed on the back of your head.

4. Proper sock roll management is of paramount importance.

3. Pointing out how amateur someone's play is while at the table is positive EV.

2. The value call with the nuts is perhaps the most powerful move in poker.

1. Bill Fillmaff is the greatest, all others are tied for last.

In fact, Bill's Secret System set of instructional videos are so great, I can't limit the top ten list to just ten lessons!

Additional thing Bill Fillmaff's Secret System has taught me:

a. Telling people what I just folded when it hits the board is plus EV.

b. Pocket kings are not a good hand to defend vs. an All-in move. Waiting for a better spot is advised.

c. Its extremely important to tell the dealer that I refuse to accept bad beats.

Thanks Bill for sharing your knowledge!