Day Late and Dollar short on notes... tourneys of the week

Preakness Notes

Well the Preakness is behind us. I planned to discuss the Preakness yesterday before post time. However, too many “things” came up that commanded my attention. My heart goes out to Barbaro. It was a real shame to see him go out like that. I am hoping the injury to his leg is not life threatening. Not to trivialize his injury by talking about the gambling aspect of this, but this is a poker blog… and we DO discuss gambling at the Poker Pub. Do you realize that the betting public had Barbaro as the 3 to 5 favorite? Furthermore, do you realize what exactly three to five odds means?

Simply put, a horse at three to five is believed to win the race 62.5% of the time. That means if the race is run 100 times, he wins 62 times. In a field such as those encountered in the Triple Crown, that is unreal. I do not care how great the horse is believed to be. No horse should be 3 to 5. Needless to say, while any exotic bets I placed yesterday did contain Barbaro, they were not exclusively dependant upon his showing up in the money. Long story short, Hemmingway’s Key messed up my Superfecta bet. The Belmont is going to be a wide-open race. Historically, this is the race that I have the most problems in handicapping. I plan to modify my “formula” to try to compensate, as I see the flaw in the logic of my analysis, and “think” I can mathematically compensate this year.

Live Game Notes

Today is the “monthly game.” Your drunken Beer Gawd is the defending champion. For anyone playing today, the bad news is that I am playing phenomenal poker as of late and feel confident that I will repeat. The good news is that due to my internet connection issues lately, I am perhaps not “up to form.” Last month going into the game, I was playing daily. I played my normal dose of cash games and put in some overtime with both CheckRayz/Shark tournaments, and public poker tournaments. My mentality was tweaked to focus on intense poker tournament play. Outside of CheckRayz tournaments and league tournaments with my team (Shark Army), I have played little to no poker this week. This is not an excuse in advance. I do plan to win, once again regardless of cards and bad beats. I’m taking a bite out of Bill Fillmaff’s plus EV rules and letting everyone know I do not accept bad beats (I guess that means that any bad beats that come my way is a misdeal, by his logic).

No seriously, I plan to repeat as champion. I am predicting this month will feature our largest field ever for the “monthly game.” As always, I am really looking forward to getting together with the group. As usual, I will have the run down on the event and stories spun into strategy that will last all week.

Poker Tournaments of Interest for the week

Here are the tournaments I have my eye on this week. You may be wise in taking interest as well! Links to poker rooms are provided. If you find a tourney you like, or a poker room new to you, please show appreciation by clicking my links.

Sunday 21 May

11am EDT - $100K guaranteed MTQ ($5+.50) River Belle Poker.
11.30am EDT - $100K guaranteed MTQ ($5+.50) River Belle Poker.
2pm EDT - Celebrity Classic $500 added to the prize pool - Hollywood Poker ($10+1).
3pm EDT - Jungle Poker $1000 weekly freeroll poker tournament.
3.30pm EDT - $100K Guaranteed ($50+5) - River Belle Poker.
5pm EDT - $25K Guaranteed - Kiwi Poker ($100+9).
6pm EDT - Jungle Poker $1000 weekly first deposit freeroll poker tourney.
6.15pm EDT - $10K guarantee ($50+5) - Poker.com
7.30pm EDT - Short table$2000 guaranteed - Kiwi Poker ($10+1) .
11pm EDT $1K Guaranteed - Poker4ever ($30+3).

Monday 22 May

11pm EDT $1K Guaranteed - Poker4ever ($30+3).
3.30pm EDT - $19K Guarantee - River Belle Poker ($10+1).
5pm EDT - $11K Guarantee - River Belle Poker ($30+3).

Tuesday 23 May

9pm EDT - $100 Private Freeroll Poker Tournament via Shark Poker Tour - Absolute Poker.
11pm EDT $1K Guaranteed - Poker4ever ($30+3).

Wednesday 24 May

11pm EDT $1K Guaranteed - Poker4ever ($30+3).

Thursday 25 May

9pm EDT - $5 buy-in, $200 added, launch bonus on Bornsupreme “weekly match” brought to you by the Shark Poker Tour at Absolute Poker.
11pm EDT $1K Guaranteed - Poker4ever ($30+3).

Friday 26 May

6.45pm EDT - 10K guaranteed at Noble Poker ($30+3).
7.45pm EDT - WSOP Super Satellite ($300+15) Kiwi Poker. 15 peeps in this one at time of print. Satellite qualifiers are going on all week at Kiwi. This is a don’t miss event!
10pm EDT - $100 freeroll via online shark at Poker.com
10.30pm EDT - CheckRayz private 15K guaranteed MTQ freeze-out ($5+.50) at Kiwi Poker, 1 seat added to the prize pool.
11pm EDT $1K Guaranteed - Poker4ever ($30+3).

Saturday 27 May

4.30pm EDT - $15K guarantee ($50+5) - Noble Poker
4.30pm EDT - $15K guarantee ($50+5) - Kiwi Poker
5pm EDT - $1+.10 “donk-fest” with $300 added to the prize pool! Brought to you by Online Shark at Pokertime.
5.30pm EDT - WSOP Final ($725+65) - River Belle Poker - satellite qualifiers going on all week!
11pm EDT $1K Guaranteed - Poker4ever ($30+3).