Weekly thoughts and the mailbag, back to its originally scheduled timeslot…

For starters, having issues with internet connection really sucks. I did not find out that I was not going to have proper service for the duration of yesterday until it was later in the evening. For that reason, I was neither able to place my infamous tech support phone calls, nor was I able to gain a replacement for the Poker League some members of the Shark Forum and I are playing in dominating.

Despite being “connected” for roughly two in six hands, I managed to take fourth place in my leg last night. This comes the night after putting forth a highlight reel performance winning my leg. The team stepped it up as well 2 nights ago, with Clayshooter winning his leg as well. Unfortunately, last night Born won his group, but we did not “place.” That being said, we are still on top of the table and the boys are going to bring ‘er home tonight!

As a sidenote, if there’s anyone within reading distance that would like to play team with us, we are forming a second team. I am eventually planning to migrate to the second team, initially pulling double duty, but eventually finding a permanent home on team number two. Bob, our (unofficially named by me) first quarter CheckRayz MVP has already dropped an indication of interest. Judith has agreed to put the team together, and we are looking for some more players to form our team. I “believe” that we are looking at the 9pm timeslot for right now. Details of the second team for the poker league can be found here.

Tonight marks our weekly match at Kiwi for the CheckRayz 15K guaranteed private satellite qualifier. I have tested it out and we are now all set to go (read: the infamous “money transfer incident” has been resolved). This brings me to the first piece of mail from the Mailbag.

Mailbag time

First letter is actually initiated by me (gasp!) and is addressed to my affiliate manager at Kiwi. It reads:

Hi Le,

I registered and unregistered real quick today for the CheckRayz tourneytomorrow. It looks like the problem has been resolved.



Her reply (wow, this seems so backwards):

Hi Mike,

This is very good news. We want to ensure the 15K mtq runs smoothlytonight, please let me know if you or any of your Checkrayz members haveany issues while registering the tourney. I will in the office until6pm, send me an email if you need assistance.Thanks Mike, good luck and have fun this evening!


Bottom line, get all known issues to me, if any, by 5pm tonight, so I can bring them to her attention.

Back to normal format here and Norman is up:

Hi, Mike. Just for the record, will you handle the Leaderboard points the same way as you did at Kiwi? Gary 1st, you 2nd, and me 3rd? I really wasn't looking at the chip totals that closely, but I think that was the order when we were closed down. I know it's not your fault, but I think we need a contingency plan if this happens again. We are playing at Kiwi Friday, so we should be prepared if they do it again. Let me know what you decide. Maybe ask several of the regular players for suggestions. Talk to you soon. Take care. Norman

To which, I retort:

Hey Norm,

Yea, I handled it the same way. I had Gary covered by 1000 or so when I took down that all in pot with prince. The backup plan, for this quarter at least is going to be ending chip count. I had 15 and small change after blinds were posted, prince had 2400 or so.Anyways, i did update the board. Let me know if it looks right.

Talk to you soon.


Back at me from Norman:

Sorry, Mike, I didn't mean to short change you! LOL. Like I said, I wasn't watching the chip totals real closely for you and Gary, I just knew he had the lead before the last hand. This is better for me anyway, because I get to stay in first a little longer! LOL. Everyone on the final table got their points except 9th place, "Frederics0", unless he is on the list under another name. I didn't see anyone else getting 8 points, though. See you Friday at Kiwi. Take care. Norman

All that being said, we can deduce that when the tournament ends, which the end is triggered by the number of players equaling exactly the number of 15K guaranteed tokens shown in the prize pool, we’ll go with final chip count to determine how Leaderboard points are assigned. Additional note, the fredrics person was not located in the database. If he contacts me this weekend, I'll credit him points.

Pardon me while I change the channel, as I just realized that Barney is on, despite the kids having gone to school a few hours ago (they watch PBS in the morning before getting ready for school. I usually leave the television on for background noise purposes while they are away and I am taking chips from donks, but never on PBS).

Finally, we will wrap up the mailbag this week with Judith. She writes (summary):


I need help recruiting for the second team.


Ask and you shall receive. Here is the plan. We would like ten peeps who are willing and able to play in the league at 9pm Monday-Friday. Each player will play 2-3 nights per week, as five players are named to the team for each night’s competition. I am committing to playing three of those nights, Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. Players can play more or less than three nights per week, as the team schedule and personal schedules/preferences allows.

Individuals interested should go to the poker team forum here and indicate interest. If you’re not a member of the Shark Forum, feel free to sign up. However, if you’re not comfortable posting publicly on the forum, you may also indicate interest by sending me an email. My address can be located through the CheckRayz site.

We are looking for both established and up and coming players, who are willing to learn the game better. I am both willing and able to offer coaching to anyone on the team desiring such. I typically have multiple windows open and offer commentary as appropriate. So, in conclusion, let us know you are interested!

Tomorrow, I would predict, connection willing, there is going to be talk on the Preakness as well as thoughts on Sunday’s “monthly game,” of which I am the reigning champion.