When all else fails...

A wise person once said "when all else fails, destroy any and all evidence you've even tried." That's how I feel about today's post. Do I "have to" post every day? Nah... I don't. I have, however, got into the habbit of posting daily during the week, and typically at the very least one or two days of the weekend. So by posting today, I'm in a sense sticking to my personal posting discipline, as opposed to posting "out of obligation."

I actually started a post three different times, all on strategy. I wasn't "feeling it," so I just deleted the posts (hence destroying the evidence). That being said, I cannot personally give anyone anything I feel is worth reading today. However... I can "pimp" other peeps posts (recent and historical), in hopes of not only giving my regular readers some worthwhile material, but also perhaps putting them on to some quality bloggage.

For starters, if there was one blog post I've read that has changed my life both on and off the tables, it is this post by Felicia on Personal Responisibility and Poker. This was one of the few posts I've read and had a major shift in overall Philosophy. I'm not going to go into details or summarize her post for her, as she worded it perfectly already - see for yourself. I will say though, that this post marked the day that my ass quit getting chapped when someone such as SuperDonk made a call that was outragiously poor. Both the content and the context of her entry really really hit home. I reccommend this article she wrote to everyone, poker playaz or not. She is "the" must read in my blogger library.

Probably the funniest of blogs I read is the Donkey Manifesto. These bloggers don't really update often, but when they do post, they make it well worth the wait. I strongly suspect that one cannot possibly come up with priceless material such as this post on the bad play of the day or the defective $20 dollar comp, or the donking time machine on a regular basis. Go through the archives on this one, lots of great... and absolutely hilarious stories, cutting edge interviews asking the tough questions that the Daily Show won't even ask.

Slipping away from bloggage for a second, I had mentioned that I'd talk playing the AK. Instead of discussing it personally, (my communication skills are lacking today), I'll link ya to the shark forum, where we discussed playing the AK.

Back to bloggage. Is online poker rigged? Find out here, and here.

Finally, Haley had some quality bloggage on the blogger community both here and here (once again, note the lack of "skills" i use by describing the links as "here and here"... told ya its an off day 4 me). No seriously, I just started reading Haley's blog this past week, as I had discovered her work through the blogger poker tour. She and I were on the same page regarding some of the "blogs" participating or trying to participate in the tour. Through her writings, and via a brief discussion or two on the table in the BPT event, I strongly suspect she has a lot to offer the poker community. Thus, "shoutin' out" to her, and sending "mad props".

Hopefully, tommorrow I'll feel it a bit more in the creativity department. Until then...