follow-thru on the "Kiwi Poker Incident"...

So, if we recall, I had issues getting registered for the private CheckRayz tournament that I hosted at Kiwi Poker on Friday. Here's a follow up to my dialogue with their support department between my affiliate manager and I.

Kiwi affiliate manager’s response to the cc’s from Friday night

Hi Mike,

We read over the messages sent back and forth between you and our KCPsupport team Friday below. We wanted to say that on behalf of our affiliate team that we are trulysorry that you were not able to enter your own Checkrayz tourney onFriday evening.

As you may know, we had thought all was resolved. But it seems that it was not. We understand your disappointment andfrustration. We can only assure you that we are getting to the bottomthis and finding out what happened on Friday evening. We want to make sure that this type of situation does not happen again,to you or to any of our affiliates for that matter.

We appreciate your business and would like to continue supporting you bythe highest standards.I wanted to thank you for patience Mike. I will be in touch again shortly.

Kind regards,


My reply

Hi Le,

Thank you for getting back to me on this. I appreciate your hard work and attention on not only this matter, but in everything we've worked on together since I came onboard as an affiliate. Your dedication and attention to detail, especially as of late, has been top notch and I truly appreciate it.

That being said, I do not fault you on the issue at hand from Friday. I feel you did your best to both resolve the situation and also to keep me in the loop. In fact, I would not have even held support accountable had I felt for one second they were "listening" to me. I feel as if they stopped reading once they saw the terms "affiliate" and "private tourney registration issues." If they'd simply have referenced the dialogue between you and I, which I passed along to them, perhaps citing "i understand you and Le have discussed the issue, however, without her contacting us right now, we cannot help," I'd have at least felt like I was heard, and that nothing could have helped me - no harm no foul, we tried. Instead, I was assisted in feeling as if I was typing upon dead ears, which is/was extremely frustrating as you could surely tell from the tone and pace of my interactions with support.

We do have the entire week ahead of us to try to get this resolved. Eventually, we'll get it right :) As a quick sidenote, I do truly believe that the concept of not allowing players involved in p2p transfers in cash games and sit n gos is a great policy! I think the spirit of the policy is beneficial to the players, serving as protection of sort - lowering the possibility of collusion via shared bankroll. I think the policy reflects highly on the level of commitment of Kiwi to us players.
Finally, as discussed last week, the 15K token that was not able to appear in the prize pool should be awarded to the appropriate player.

Thanks again for your efforts and talk to you soon!


Le’s timely response (she’s definitely stepped up and has been on the ball)

Hi Mike,

Good morning to you and thanks for your email. I appreciate your feedback and comments about our KCP support. Don'tworry, your voice has been heard! I will forward on your comments tothe appropriate department.Also, we will issue the 2nd token to your player, thanksfor letting us know.Be in touch soon.

Warm regards,


Call me foolish perhaps, but I remain confident that the poker affiliate gods will take care of me on this one and we’ll get it right by this next week. As for the depths of support hell, I can’t say that it’s a pleasant place to visit and wish it upon no one.