tourneys I'm interested in...

As promised, I am going to get back into the habbit of listing some of the tournaments I am interested in for the upcoming week. Providing the timing is correct and the stars n planets are all aligned properly, I'll be playing in some of these. Should you also be interested, feel free to join in.


6.15pm EDT - $50+5 (r/a) 10K Guaranteed at Poker.com --- traditionally speaking, there is a sweet overlay in this event (read: more money than players equals smaller field to fight through and more "initial equity" per player).

9.15pm EDT $5+.50 Omaha, $1K Guaranteed - Kiwi Poker. I can "learn" to play omaha for $5 with 1k guaranteed. If not... I can always play...

9.15pm EDT $10+1 $4500 guaranteed - shorthanded poker tables - Kiwi Poker. Best overlay of the two tourneys gets my love.

10.30pm EDT - $5+.50 10K Guaranteed MTQ - Poker.com - looking to win my way into this for next week.


I'll begin working on qualification to the stage 2 event for the $5,000,000 online network poker classic at Hollywood Poker.

10pm EDT - CheckRayz $100 freeroll poker tournament - River Belle Poker - free poker tourney, nuff said! Event is open to members of CheckRayz, both new and existing. Register/log in to the CheckRayz site, obtain password from the tourney schedule page.


3.45pm EDT - $14.50+1.30 WSOP Super Satellite - River Belle Poker. These satellites seem to be "hidden," thus I often look for any satellite of theirs and hop in if the numbers make sense. I suspect this one will.

10.15pm EDT - $5+.50 $100 added - CheckRayz private tournament at River Belle Poker. Known for the TAG tourneys with the best players on the net, the monsters of CheckRayz will be once again "holding clinic" with a generous $100 overlay. Same as above, the event is open to all members of CheckRayz, both new and existing members are encouraged to join. Password available for this money added poker tournament on the CheckRayz poker tourney schedule page.


10.30pm EDT - Private CheckRayz $5+.50 $15K MTQ at Kiwi Poker. All are welcome to play... register/log-on to the CheckRayz site and obtain password from the Poker Tournament Schedule page.

6.45pm EDT - $30+3 $10K Guaranteed at Noble Poker. Prize pool, timing and pricing on this one is perfect. Count me in!

I was planning to give thoughts and feedback on playing AK today, as a fellow BPT member has mentioned that hand is seeming to haunt him lately. Unfortunately, I've run out of time, as I'm heading down to the Burgh to congratulate the Steelers on selecting Santonio Holmes with their first pick celebrate my nephews 1st birthday. Look for AK talk on tuesday (hand histories will not be displayed, play will however... be discussed). Also, rumour has it that there's a big CheckRayz announcement on the horizon (read: big promotion announced). Look for that as early as tommorrow.

Thanks for reading,