Smack talk on the poker tables, upcoming events, and a bit of "pimpage"...

League Play and CheckRayz tournament commentary

Last night the Beer Guy made his Pokerroom league debut for Team Shark, representing the Shark Powered Network (CheckRayz, Shark Poker Tour, Online Shark, and the SPN Forum) in league play. As expected, we rose to the occasion and took down first place for the night, moving us third overall. Yours truly, despite all going on, won my leg of league play. Teammates Bornsupreme and clayshooter both took second places, and reelcrazy and gary812 took third and fifth respectively in their legs. Great showing by the team!

By all fault of my own, I had quite a full plate yesterday, considering I had three tournaments going on at once, with the league, the CheckRayz money added poker tournament at Poker4ever, and the CheckRayz heads up poker challenge at Celeb Poker. CheckRayz standout Lazrus knocked the beer man out of the heads up challenge in the first round, moving on to take down the event. He’s had my number lately, as this is two events in a row Lazrus has knocked me out of. Last person to own me in this manor was TexasDan, though he did so during bounty week, and collected nicely. Ironically, Dan and I had the exact same hands both times he ousted me. He had aces acting behind me, I had the Fillmaff (KJ) and was making a move, only to run smack dab into his aces both times.

As a note/warning to Laz, Dan has not been the same on a poker table full of beer since the two in a row. He’s been haunted by the Beer Guy, raising up over him, hitting the flop hard, knocking him off his hand, affecting his game. Don’t let that happen to ya. Keep playing your game and you’ll do fine. Don’t let the thought of ousting the Beer Guy in three straight CheckRayz tournament nights (that I’ve played) get into your head. Additionally, don’t let it get into your head that I’m putting $20 up if you can make it a third time (special launch bonus exclusive to you). Don’t be shy, rise up and collect the bounty. Third time is a charm!

Is it my imagination or am I trying to stir up a friendly rivalry? Or maybe its that I’m trying to counteract the state of “owned” I’ve been in whenever on the table with Sir Lazrus? A little of both even? One final note, Larry; Don’t just sing it… bring it!

Blogger Poker Tour Talk

As we all probably know, the Beer Guy hosted blogger poker tour event number four, appropriately named “We’re Just Here 4 the Beer.” Yesterday, I received a prize pack for hosting event number four from the BPT and Poker.com. I like receiving free stuff, especially when the free stuff are more than I expected to receive. Two poker.com hats, a poker.com coffee mug, poker.com beer koozie, poker.com keychain, poker.com bracelets, and my personal favorite, a poker.com card holder coin. It could be used as a dealer button, however I’m liking it guarding the Beer Guy’s cards personally.

This weekend, Dutch Boyd is hosting event number five of the Blogger Poker Tour. He has the password on his blog, which can be found here. From the sounds of it, Dutch is ready to play. The fifth event is slated to begin at 4.30pm EDT this Saturday. Top four finishers qualify for the Grand Finals, where the Blogger Poker Tour will send one skillful blogger (the winner) to the World Series of Poker! Don’t miss out on these events. This a great opportunity to win your way to the WSOP. If you’re a blogger and have a blog (there’s more to blogging than merely having a blog, by the way), register for the tour. Registration is accepted on the blogger poker tour website.

Tomorrow marks the triumphant return of the infamous Friday Mailbag. Until then… See you tonight at AP for the weekly Shark Poker Tour buyin. It seems that Sharky sweetened the prize pool by putting more money added to the prize pool in his weekly poker tournament, making it a $200 money added to the prize pool poker tournament.