Poker Tournaments of interest for the week and Sunday Shout-outs

Here's the (partial) list of tournaments that have caught my eye and interest for the week:

Today *Sunday*

8pm EDT - Noble Poker - CheckRayz $3+.30 10K Guaranteed MTQ, with rebuy and addons first hour. 2 seats are added, despite what the prize pool shows. I suspect the network they play on is not set up in such a manner to show the added chips, thus they'll be awarded manually (beer guy - poker pub guarantee).

8.30pm EDT - 32 Red Poker - $1000 Freeroll.

10pm EDT - New Poker Room - Jungle Poker - $500 Freeroll heads up poker tournament! 128 peeps allowed for this one, so register early! Download Jungle Poker here.

Monday 5/8

12pm EDT - 32 Red Poker - $1000 Freeroll poker tournament.

Tuesday 5/9

2pm EDT - $500 Freeroll poker tournament. Jungle Poker.

6pm EDT - $400 Freeroll Omaha Tournament. once again, Jungle Poker.

6pm EDT $12K Guaranteed NL Texas Holdem Tournament. 32 Red Poker.

9.05pm EDT CheckRayz Private $100 Freeroll at Poker4Ever.

Weds 5/10

3.45pm EDT - WSOP Ladies Super Satellite. $15.20+1.30 - River Belle Poker.

8.15pm EDT - Sun Poker. $100 freeroll. Private SPN event via Online Shark.

8.45pm EDT - WSOP Ladies Super Satellite. $7.60+.65 - River Belle Poker.

10.05pm EDT - CheckRayz Texas Holdem Private $100 added to prize pool tournament. $5+.50 - Poker4ever.

Thurs 5/11

3.45pm EDT - WSOP Shorthanded Super Satellite. $12.50+1. River Belle Poker.

8.45pm EDT - WSOP Shorthanded Super Satellite. $25+2. River Belle Poker.

9pmEDT - $5+.50 $200 added. Absolute Poker. Private SPN tourney via Shark Poker Tour.

10pm EDT - $5+.50 $50 added to the prize pool. CheckRayz Heads up challenge. Celeb Poker. (registration opens on weds 5/10 at 10pm EDT).

Friday 5/12

6.45pm EDT $10K Guaranteed at Noble Poker. $30+3.

10.30pm EDT CheckRayz Private $15K Guaranteed MTQ. $5+.50 - 1 seat added to the prize pool. Kiwi Poker.

Saturday 5/13

4.30pm EDT - $15K Guaranteed freezeout. Kiwi Poker. $50+5.

5pm EDT - $200 Freeroll at Pokertime. SPN Private tournament via Online Shark.

* note: private free poker tournaments and money added poker tournaments via CheckRayz require registration through the CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour website. Registration with CheckRayz is free. Passwords for CheckRayz events are located on the poker tournament schedule page. You must be logged in to register. Password sharing is not permitted. CheckRayz reserves the right to move to strip unauthorized individuals of their tournament prizes won through CheckRayz if they are not an "invited guest" of CheckRayz.

* note 2: private free poker tournaments and money added poker tournaments via SPN can be accessed via either the online shark poker website and the Shark Poker Tour website. Sharky also may reserve the right to motion to revoke prize money accumulated by any unathorized peeps in his private tournaments. Said another way, you must be registered at the appropriate websites before registering for the tournament. Password sharing is not permitted.

Sunday Shout outs

Yea, I know. The above tourney schedule, with the exception of the "legaleze" makes it seem as if I am writing without really "writing." The shout outs do the same thing, I am sure. But hey... at least it proves to some extent I am reading, right?

First off, a big poker pub shout out to Norman of the CheckRayz tour. Norm's been volunteering pro bono proofreading my site, checking the tourneys and the schedule page, calendars and emails against one another. And of course, I'm doing ten things at once minimum, so it keeps him busy. I truely appreciate the time you take to make sure the message I am putting out is consistant and accurate. Thank you Norman!

Speaking of friends and tour members. Thanks to CT for helping me organize my betting scheme for the Derby. Typically, I am great at rating the ponys, however I fall a bit short in constructing my bets. She helped me a great deal, but my pony picking fell short.

A blanket Shout out goes to everyone in the "blogosphere" who actually, unlike me, use grammar and spell check in their work. Starting next week, Imma step it up and actually check my work before I submit. (Boooooo!)

Thanks again to Haley for tipping me off via her blog on the poker legislation progress.

Another thanks to haley for "pimping" Lou Kreiger's Poker Blog. Lou has been writing up a storm on the legislation currently being considered. He's doing a great job of writing objectively and trying to assist those politicians in thinging things through prudently. Shout out to him as well.

Once again, Felicia Lee gets a shout out for knocking yet another one out of the park with the phenominal post on grabbing your balls Self Esteem and Poker. She's an every day read for the beer guy. I highly suggest that every poker player of all skill levels make her a daily read as well.

Finally, a shout out goes to everyone who has helped to make CheckRayz the hottest and best poker tour on the net!