September CheckRayz Poker Challenge...

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Deposit and play at River Belle Poker through CheckRayz for the month of September! Player with most raked hands receives a case of beer of choice, courtesy of River Belle Poker. Additionally, player receives entry token to $100K Guarantee. Full prizes are as follows (based on number of raked hands):

1st: A case of beer of the players choice and a buy-in to a $100K guaranteed tourney

2nd: A River Belle Poker Cap and a buy-in to a $100K guaranteed tourney

3rd: A buy-in to a $100K guaranteed tourney

Attention New players to River Belle: We’re also giving one buy-in to a $100K guaranteed tourney to the NEW PLAYER to River Belle Poker (through CheckRayz). The new active player who rakes the most hands in September at River Belle Poker will also receive a buy-in to the $100K Guaranteed.

Download River Belle Poker here and get started on the Challenge!