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Yesterday, we had our weekly live game. Long story short, things did not go my way...

Short story long, third hand in, I'm dealt pocket aces in the UTG+1 position. Given the normal aggressive nature of my table, I limp going for the limp raise. No one raises behind me. Six handed, the flop comes Qc-10c-10s. I push out a 1/3 pot sized bet (pot contains T60). Player to my left calls, giving the pot T100 chips. Player to his left raises, making it 150 to each of us. Action folds around to me. I think this over for a second, trying to determine what he is playing, as well as to what the player to my left might play in this spot if he's in fact just called.

Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, the raiser would make this play with a pocket pair, a ten, a queen, or an ace. He'd also play a straight and/or flush draw this same way. The player to my left would have raised if he hit the board, as that's just how they'd normally play the flop. I "could" be behind, but I won't be able to tell until the turn. I call, as does player to my left.

Turn delivers another ten. This of course increases the chance that neither of them is holding a ten, and also tells me at least one of them is not holding a ten. Let's see how this plays out. I check, knowing player to my left bets hard if he has seemingly fell behind but still thinks he has a hand and can knock the other off of it. Raiser will also hopefully disclose "something" about his hand. Check, bet... 30 is being bet into the pot of roughly 500. Wow, this guy thinks he has something...

Player to my left, by checking does not have a draw. He either has it or not. Bettor does not have an ace, nor a small pocket pair, though he does have a boat at worst. Suspicious, I call... as does player to my left. Roughly 600 in the pot. River is a seven, putting a flush on the board as well, which i know no one is chasing. Check, check, 300. Again, he plays a lone queen or a ten this way, thinking it's best. Problem I am now facing, I'm rather certain I'm not looking at queens over tens. Am I looking at quads or is it one queen? I can't be certain either way. Additionally, I make this call, I have given away half my chips. I can still survive with 1/2 a stack at this point. So, calling is an option. What about reraising to allin? I'd be laying him roughly 3:1 odds... even better if the player in the middle calls. I think raising is -EV at this point. I choose to cleanly call. Player to my left folds. Bettor complains that I didn't raise as he wanted me to and flips over 10d-9d for quads.

That... was just the beginning. Ten hands later, I have JJ utg, I raise 5x blinds. 1 caller late position (passive, straight forward player), and the BB calls. Flop comes A-Q-5. Checks around. Turn x check, river x check check bet. BB and I fold. Turns out, we were up against KK in late position, BB also had JJ.

Bust out hand has me pushing allin with KK UTG (barely have enough chips to be 3x blinds). BB makes a math call with 5-7s. Flop is a five, river is a seven and I am railed. All in all, I won exactly zero hands... Blah.

As a sidenote, there will be no weekly game at Noble this week. Stay tuned for details.