Blogger Poker Tour - event 1

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The first event of the blogger poker tour is underway. I actually made it on time, despite the dream I had and the grand final incident. In looking at my table draw, I'm thinking I should have been fashionablly late.

With 75 players starting the tourney, immediately to my left sits the Season 1 Champ -
egonolsen. Followed by kiwiwiz, replicantpoker, jcl514 follows. Then tomonbass,
and viezeman - who went to aussie millions representing poker.com next.

Then sat a player who disgusts me so much as a person that I won't even type her name. I hope we get situated and re-establish standards for the requirements.

Finally, jbaldwin, who is seated to my immediate right.

And action... We're under way.

pearlsnapman first one out (at another table)...

jbaldwin mows down the non-blogging freeloader for a big pot to a thunderous ovation from yours truly.

and I get moved from that monstrocity of a table...

now sitting with (starting to my left)

I look up and see not only pocket aces, but someone handed the comish - Shane the chip lead... how does that happen? 12th of 63 remaining.

4.40pm EDT pokerind reraises ginormous amount, i smartly lay down my 3-8s on the button. Cazwill callsthe allin and we have AA v KK. Cazwil stacks porker and pokerind is crippled, only to lose tomy high card one hand later. 13th of 59 now, I am.

few steals here and there, chips firing back n forth... stratman crippled in two easy hands,first by neverlimp then by beenplayn... both hands strat had the better hand.

stratman gets his last 30 in utg+1. i limp with 7h-5h, only to encounter a raise. Heart flush draw, whichwouldn't have completed... freeroller was AA, ousts stratman. moves me back to 20th of 49.

redeyed30 joins only to leave us almost as quickly as he showed up. Now sitting 23rd of 45th with 2700 chips in hand.

Neverlimps does... and on my small blind. I flop a straight, he nails two pair and he's quickly stacked I'm up to 4860, sitting 10th of 44.

5.15 freerollers gets stacked and ousted by astinaguy's kk. 15th of 41 I currently sit. Mortgun pushes em all in with K6 and loses out to 83 in the BB breaking us down to 40, which puts monster ohiomike to my immediate right.

Burnley1 sits to my left, and bergeroo sitting shortstacked and way across the table. JCL returns and is two to my right.

While it's a great thing that Mike and his somewhat sizable stack is to my right, Burnley's monsterous stack is to my left, and just got somewhat reduced, but still... 9.6K to my 3.7K is quite large.

I'm in the middle of the field, 18 of 36. Tourney is short stacked and I'm tightening up for now.

Oops, I min raise with a shady hand, and get caught. 20th of 32 I sit. So much for tightening down the hatch.

And... three tables remain as I'm transferred. JCL514 is to my immediate left, followed by astinaguy, bobbyolsen, Mada1970, natsdad, cazwil, redeyed030, kanyesee, and quackpot who sits immediately to my right. I'm sitting 21 of 30. Blinds head north to 200/400 and I'm feeling the strangle hold. We all know what time it is real soon here, especially with an M of a bit over four. Although, it may be in my better interest to hang tough as long as possible, considering this is a points format. Players falling left and right, as I get Ajo UTG. Folds around to Quackpot on the bb who calls with 77. He calls, I double up - read "the ace" came on the river. Still in the game, I am! 5000 and 12th place, with 27 remaining. As I glance acrosee the table, I see Mada1970 took down a 20K freeroll. Not much limping in this tourney right now, and rightfully so, perhaps. Mada doubles through astinaguy. Mada was pretty much dead, but has come back nicely.

And we're down to two tables. I sit with 4420 chips in 15th place out of 20. Mada sits to my left 4680 chips, followed by kanyezee 13.1K, Quackpot with 12.9K, hacksaw2000 4840, brodoughno 9878, astinaguy 10.3K, burnley1 6410, irongirl 13264, kufolem 3938.

We're now hand for hand and blinds are 300/600. Top ten positions get paid, for the record. I really do like the leaderboard format for this blogger poker tour tourney. We receive a score the inverse of the number of entries and place we finished. As I right this, burnley is eliminated via astinaguy. 19 remain. Blinds fold through to me on the BB. SB I receive A6. Action folds to me, I push allin and inspire a fold from Mada, while I am showing an ace. 11 of 19 on the button for me now with 5320 chips.

On the other table sits OhioMike 6730. To his left sits Osssss 3525, followed by replicantpoker 11.2K, mpgabriel 9690, BobbyOlsen 7885, Michael1965 with 4265 chips. Then comes JCL514 with 1705 chips, natsdad 11.1K, benplayin8 with 2648 chips, and finally xscrewballx with 3140 chips.

19 players still remain, and I sit 12/19. UTG I have AQ. Action folds all the way through to me. I do not show. Irongirl min raises on the button with 66. I lay down 2-4. She of course shows. Blinds advance to 400/800 while I'm SB'ing it. I fold. Seems like that other table is going to the river a great deal more than we are. I push allin on the cutoff. Folds around to me. 11 of 19 now. KQ mid position allin, all fold. Up to 7620 chips and into 9th place, just north of the bubble.

We have an allin on the other table, screwball is allin utg. three handed, he's ousted. Down to 18 players, nine on each table. I push yet again UTG, this time with AJ and am called by quackpot and his pocket nines. This time I fail to catch up and I am eliminated in 18th place.

Final results:

1. ReplicantPoker
2. Michael1965
3. Irongirl
4. BobbyOlsen
5. JCL514
6. natsdad
7. Quackpot
8. Hacksaw2000
9. astinaguy
10. brodoughno

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