Blogger Poker Tour Season 2

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The second season of the Blogger Poker Tour is set to begin. During the first season, we sent 1 player to the WSOP Main Event. This year, the blogger poker tour will be sending not one, but two bloggers to the Aussie Millions! The second season of the BPT looks to be a seven event season and will be utilizing leaderboard points, as opposed to last season's format of final tables.


Of course, what would a poker tour of this nature be without prizes, right? For the seven preliminary events, the payout is as follows:

1st - $125
2nd - $100
3rd - $75
4th - $55
5th - $45
6th - $30
7th - $25
8th - $20
9th - $15
10th - $10

Additionally, knock the host from the tourney and win a $60 satellite entry!

Grand Final

The top 20 in leaderboard points will qualify for the Blogger Poker Tour season two Grand Final.

Prizes for the Grand Final are as follows:

1st Place - Seat in the 2007 Aussie Millions at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia, which plays in January 2007 and is worth $10,000! Keep reading, there is more! Poker.com and the Blogger Poker Tour will be kicking in $2500 in travel n spending money, in addition to the Poker.com and Blogger Poker Tour VIP Pack! The grand prize package is worth over $12,500!

2nd place - 8 seat BPT Poker Table

3rd Place - 6 seat BPT Poker Table

4th - 10th - an official poker.com ipod nano. --- (Beerguy note: I won one of these during the first season. Took a bit to get it working, but it's sweet!

11-15th - poker.com chipset

16-20 - Poker.com Grand Final Tickey.

More Prizes? As if...

This prize structure sounds great to me as is... Free cash money for playing poker and blogging, then all these cool prizes for playing well and blogging... and now, the Blogger Poker Tour is even adding a prize for Blogging well!

The blogger determined to provide the best coverage of this season's blogger poker tour will be flown to Melbourne, Australia to cover the Aussie Millions Main Event on behalf of Poker.com!

1st Event set!

Event number one of season two is set to play out on Saturday, 23 September, 2006.

I hope to see everyone there... Remember, criteria for joining the tour is that you have a blog and are a blogger. Additionally, one must place the Blogger Poker Tour Banner on their blog's site. Sign up for the Blogger Poker Tour here. Be sure to tell them I sent you (sn: imjusthere4thebeer).