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Tonight, CheckRayz rolls up into Kiwi Poker's Poker room for the Friday Night $3+.30 donkfest with $50 added to the prize pool. Password for the Kiwi Tourney is KiwiFri5.

As you may be able to see, my database is still acting up, so the pw is posted here. Over the weekend, I anticipate I will have all of the tourneys for the month loaded into the server, and additionally that the database will be in proper working order.

Also, you may have noticed that the CheckRayz Challenge from September has been extended into October. Please show support and participate in the various challenges we put forth. Additionally, please help me to support the poker rooms who support us. If we wish to continue receiving money added tourneys and freeroll poker tournaments, we need to become or continue to be more active in the poker rooms who are helping us out. Please help me on this.

Have a great weekend,