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Final Table with chip counts

Seat 1 - Richard Lee - $11,820,000
Seat 2 - Erik Friberg - $9,605,000S
eat 3 - Paul Wasicka - $7,970,000
Seat 4 - Dan Nassif - $2,600,000
Seat 5 - Allen Cunningham - $17,770,000
Seat 6 - Michael Binger - $3,140,000
Seat 7 - Doug Kim - $6,770,000
Seat 8 - Jamie Gold - $26,650,000
Seat 9 - Rhett Butler - $4,815,000

Elimination hand - Jamie Gold calls from early position and Dan Nassif raises from the button. Jamie Gold makes the call. The flop comes 532 and Nassif pushes it allin. Gold immediately makes the call and shows 22 for a set. Nassif turns over AK and is behind. The turn is the A and Nassif needs a four for a chopped pot. However, the river is the 10 and Dan Nassif has been eliminated in 9th place.

Elimination hand - Friberg eliminated. Allin preflop with Gold... JJ v. QQ - gold set on the river, flop and turn missed everyone. 8th place for Erik Friberg and worth $1,979,189Elimination - Paul Wasicka raises to from mid position and Doug Kim calls from the button. The flop comes 443 and Wasicka bets out. Kim moves all in and Wasicka calls with a quickness. Kim shows 99 but runs into QQ. Kim is in trouble. The turn is the J and the river is the 7. Doug Kim has been eliminated in 7th place.

Chip Count Update
Jamie Gold $38,000,000
Richard Lee $19,300,000
Paul Wasicka $14,200,000
Allen Cunningham $12,900,000
Rhett Butler $3,100,000
Michael Binger $2,800,000

...break and I now have live feed...

10.15pm EDT - Parade of Champions, Hachem, Fossilman, Jesus, Scotty Nguyen, our first WSOP millionaire Brad Dougherty, Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson, Tom McEvoy all introduced...

10.20pm EDT - Discussion of Gold claiming he would rather finish second and may throw the game.

10.25 EDT - Players back from break and action is underway. Six handed...
Blinds 120,000-$240,000 with a $40,000 ante

Chip Count
Jamie Gold T37,400,000
Richard Lee T17,030,000
Allen Cunningham T15,230,000
Paul Wasicka T14,870,000
Rhett Butler T 3,365,000
Michael Binger T 2,280,000

Lee steals pot.

Cunningham-Gold battle. Gold raises, 10-9-8 flop. check check. 8 turn, 1.1 million bet from Cunningham. Gold raises into him and raises 4 million into the 3 million pot. Cunningham folds.
10.30pm EDT Next hand, Allen Cunningham moves allin. Call from Michael Binger. 22 v A6. Binger's Tourney life on the line... Flop comes As-6d-4d. Turn 5 of hearts, giving Allen outs with 3's or 2's. River misses and Michael Binger doubles up, sits around 4.5 million.

10.35pm EDT - Binger moves into 5th in chips

Butler moves allin, sitting with an M of a bit under 10. Butler steals on Gold’s blind.
Rough CountGold 40 milLee 17 milCunningham 14 milWasicka 11milBinger 4.5 milButler 3.2 mil
Wasica raises to 800,000 UTG. Cunningham flat calls in position. Flop comes AA9. Paul checks, Cunningham bets 1.1 million bet and takes down the pot just as Hellmuth shows up in the booth.
Wasicka call BB on the Cunningham UTG raise. 2-3-4 flop. Check from Wasica, followed with 1 million chip bet. Wasica does in fact lay it down.

Wasicka v Gold 5-5-7 -9-9 check down to the river. Gold takes it down with an Ace.
Butler raises 900K, which is 1/3 of his stack. Binger seemingly has a hand but he throws it in.
Lee limps, Wasicka raises it to 1 million, Lee calls the raise. Qd-9s-6d. Check check. 7s. Lee bets out 2.5 million, and Wasicka folds.

10.52 - Cunningham enters the pot making it 750K preflop, Butler moves allin from the Big Blind. Allen folds the hand.

Cunningham raises to 750K again. Gold calls from the button. Blinds fold. Flop comes 4c-8c-3s. Allen Cunningham bets 1.1 million. Gold, in position lays the hand down, Cunningham rakes it in.
Gold bluffs and shows with 2-3 in position and takes down a pot.

Gold raises in the cutoff Wasicka reraises in the SB. Gold folds.

5 deep limped pot As-Jd-9d. Gold bets 1 million into the pot. 4 folders... Gold takes down the unraised pot uncontested on the flop.

Gold in the BB. Jd-10c-7c check check. Ac. Binger picks up the pot.

11.05pm EDT - Cunningham raises and takes down another pot.

Gold enters pot on the button. Lee enters from the BB. Flop comes 10s-2c-9c. Lee takes the pot down.

Binger takes it down preflop.

Big hand - Gold raises to 800K, Cunningham puts in 560K from the BB to make the call. 8-8-3. Allen checks. Jamie bets 1 million allen calls. 2 clubs on the turn. Cunningham checks, Gold checks. Q comes on the river. Cunningham checks, Gold bets 2 million. Gold is talking around about his hand, straight up taunting Allen, saying he'll show his bluff. Allen Cunningham calls with A-9 and takes down the pot! Wow...

11.20 - Butler moves allin, takes the pot down.

Cunningham raises to 750K. Gold calls. Flop Q-J-5. Gold checks, Cunningham continues with 1.2 million. Gold folds. Cunningham continues to dominate Gold.

11.25pm EDT Cunningham raises. Binger moves overtop and allin. Roughly 3 million is the allin. Cunningham counts out his chips as he ponders the decision. Makes the call. Cunningham QsJs- Binger AQ.

Flop comes all clubs and misses both. Binger has Qc, Cunningham needs one of two jacks. River delivers a blank. Binger doubles through Cunningham to 7 million.

11.30pm EDT - Cunningham raises preflop takes the pot down uncontested.
Cunningham raises to 750K UTG. Gold took a walk, has been autofolded last two hands. Lee calls from the SB. From the BB, Wasicka reraises to 3 million into the 2 million pot. Cunningham folds. Lee folds.

Lee limps from the button, Wasicka completes, Cunningham checks on BB. Ah-2c-9h. Check, check, 900K. Call from Wasicka, fold from Cunningham. Ks Check, check on the turn. River 2d. Check from Paul, check. Paul Wasicka takes the pot down with two pair, after letting Richard Lee bluff some chips off to him. Wasicka moves into third place.

Gold limps UTG. Paul makes it 900K from the button. Gold Calls. A-K-10. Million chip bet from Paul (less than half pot). Gold folds and 3.4 million to Paul Wasicka.

BB Gold vs. Richard Lee (raise mid position preflop) 2h-7h-5d. Lee bets 1.1 million. Jamie Gold checkraised, making it 3 million total (1.9 million checkraise). Richard Lee folds.

Wasicka makes it 800K. Gold calls from the SB. Flop comes 9h-5h-10h. Check from Gold. Paul checks. 3d. Gold pushes 2 million in and takes the pot down.

11.45pmEDT - Gold raises on the button to 800K. Lee lays down the BB and Gold takes three in a row.

All-in :Gold limps from the cutoff. Lee is raising OOP from the SB to 1.2 million. Wasicka in BB folds. Gold re-raises 4 million additional. Gold seemingly has a monster, based on his posture. Richard Lee moves allin, Gold calls.

Gold has QQ v Richard Lee's JJ. Flop comes: x-K-K. Turn and River are blanks and Richard Lee has been eliminated. We're five handed with Jamie Gold having more than 1/2 the total chips. Wow!

Rough Chip Count
Jamie Gold T54 million
Paul Wasicka T14 million
Allen Cunningham T13 million
Michael Binger T7 million
Rhett Butler T3 million

Dinner Break... See you in 90 minutes.

Commentary: Like him or not, Jamie Gold has a presence about him at this final table. I do not find him to be the best player at the table. He seems to lack focus at times. He has made players (i.e. - Lee) make huge, costly mistakes. Allen Cunningham is by far the better player at this table, which is not really a surprise. He's taken his shots at Gold, picking and choosing his spots. I'm liking the way Cunningham has been playing. He and Wasicka are still alive, despite Gold seemingly running away with the chips. Binger and Butler do have the short stacks, but I'm not feeling the whole chip n chair story from them. I do foresee a Gold meltdown on the horizon.
The players return from dinner and we're nearly underway...

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Blinds 120,000-$240,000 with a $40,000 ante
Rough Chip Count
Seat 1 - Paul Wasicka - T14 million M of 25
Seat 2 - Allen Cunningham - T13 million M of 23
Seat 3 - Michael Binger - T7 million M of 12
Seat 4 - Jamie Gold - T51 million M of 91
Seat 5 - Rhett Butler - T3 million M of 5 - Red Zone

1.45am EDT - money is on it's way into the room. $12 million allegedly being brought out to the table. Money comes forever.

1.50am EDT play resumes for real this time. 28 minutes left at these blind levels.
First hand after the break Rhett Butler UTG+1 moves allin. Paul Wasicka calls from the button. Blinds fold. Butler A10 v Wasicka 88. And the flop comes... k-q-10, which reall helps Rhett. K on the turn, river is a miss and Rhett Butler doubles through Paul Wasicka.

Binger and Butler are roughly tied for last in chip count now with Binger doubling through.

2am EDT - Gold raises and takes the pot.

Cunningham steals from the cutoff.

Scotty Ngygen joins the commentary.

Gold steals from the button, raises from the cutoff next hand. Cunningham calls from the BB. Cunningham bets out on the turn, call from Gold. Possible straight on the board at the river, check/check. Allen flopped a straight flush draw, takes down the pot.

Gold limp raises after Binger raising initially. Binger lays down the hand, respecting the limp raise move. Gold had done this twice earlier both times with pocket Queens.

Butler raises on Jamie's BB and takes the pot, showing A10 UTG.

Chip Count

Seat 1 - Paul Wasicka - T10.5 million
Seat 2 - Allen Cunningham - T15 million
Seat 3 - Michael Binger - T7.2 million
Seat 4 - Jamie Gold - T50 million
Seat 5 - Rhett Butler - T6.3 million

Cunningham raises to 750K, Binger calls in position Q-10-6. 4d on turn. Cunningham moves at pot with 1.1 million (50% pot) call. J on the river. Check/check. Binger two pairs, Cunningham mucks. Binger takes in roughly 4 million.

Gold raises button Wasicka calls. Ks10s6s. Check check. Gold bets 1 million. Fold from Wasicka.
Gold raises again Qs-8c-3h. Gold bets 1 million again. call this time. 9c on the turn. Gold 2 million. Paul lays down OOP.

Gold is not letting up, staying active and aggressive.

Paul calls on the button. SB completes, BB checks. J-7-5 on the board. Checks through. 5d on the board from the turn. Binger comes out with 600K. Paul calls on the button. 7s on the river. Paul wins the pot with an ace high kicker to Binger's king high.

Big hand alert - Paul raises cutoff to 800K. Gold calls in the BB. KQ2dd. Check from Gold. 1.1 million continuation from Paul. CheckRaise from Jamie Gold of 4 million more. Paul is in all-in or fold mode here and moves. Gold calls with AK vs. K10. Wasicka is in trouble here. 10 comes on the turn, and it's looking good for Paul. AQJ hurts Paul. River is eight of diamonds. Get Paul a towel, as he sucks out on the turn and doubles through Jamie Gold in roughly a 18 million dollar pot.

Jamie Gold is disgusted, saying over and over "I can't play any better than that."

Blinds are up, now at T150K/T300K, ante of 50K as they color up...

2.30am EDT - updated chip counts

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Seat 1 - Paul Wasicka - T18 million M of 24
Seat 2 - Allen Cunningham - T12.8 million M of 17
Seat 3 - Michael Binger - T6.8 million M of 9
Seat 4 - Jamie Gold - T46 million M of 61
Seat 5 - Rhett Butler - T6.2 million M of 8

Cunningham enters the pot with a million dollar raise. Butler moves allin from the SB. Alan folds.
Gold takes it down preflop.

Wasicka limps on the button. Cunningham moves and Binger and Wasicka fold.

Paul raises a million, Binger reraises to allin. Paul Wasicka looks at his chippage trying to get a count and determine what he's wanting to do. He folds.

Cunningham raises utg. Gold calls in position. Paul Wasicka calls on the BB. 8c-ah-2s. Allen bets out 1 million Jamie calls, Paul folds. Turn delivers 6d. Check/check. River 2h. Gold takes down the pot with a bet on the end. Chips got spilled from Butler, so they're going through to recalculate the pot.

2.45am EDT - Binger raises. Wasicka moves allin from the blinds. Binger lays down.
Gold raises UTG. Binger calls from the bb. KJ3 is the flop. Gold bets out. Binger moves allin on the CheckRayz. Gold calls with top pair. Binger v Gold, each with K-10, chopped pot.
Wasicka limps on Gold's BB. Flop As-9-4s. Gold checks. Wasicka bets and takes her down.
Wasicka makes it 1 million from the cutoff. Cunningham calls as does Butler calls from the BB. 8-6-2 rainbowed greets the players. Rhett checks, Wasicka continues, Cunningham moves all-in and folds everyone up.

Binger raises 1 million on the cutoff, Gold calls on the button. Wasicka moves 4 million more, squeezing. Binger folds. Gold calls. Paul shows AK and takes the pot down.
We're nearly 8 hrs into this tournament today.

Wasicka limps on the button yet again. AsAdJs. Check Check and Paul takes the pot down.
Wasicka is really pressuring, seemingly active in every pot recently, as he takes another down from the cutoff preflop and yet again from the UTG.

Wasicka in the BB, Gold raises. J-3-4. Gold bets and wins.

Butler raises from the button and wins the pot.

Paul limping button again. 7-3-2, three handed. Cunningham bets out from the SB. Binger raises to allin from the BB. Binger takes down the pot.

Paul moving on the cutoff again. Jamie calls the blind. A-4-7 on the board. Paul continues and wins.

Big hand - Paul raises 1 million UTG Binger moves allin from the button. 5.7 million more to call. Call is made! Paul has KQ vs Binger's KK. Flop comes: Q-7-3. Turn is an ace. River brings the 2 of hearts. Binger has doubled through Paul Wasicka.

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Commentators kinda forgot there was a game going on as they talked over and through everyone.

Updated Chip Count
Seat 1 - Paul Wasicka - T13.9 million
Seat 2 - Allen Cunningham - T9.6 million
Seat 3 - Michael Binger - T13.5 million
Seat 4 - Jamie Gold - T46 million
Seat 5 - Rhett Butler - T4.8 million

3.25am EDT - Paul raises small blind, Allen calls from the BB. Flop comes A-10-8 rainbow. Paul leads out on the flop, which is out of character, given his past OOP play. Allen throws his hand away.

Gold raises UTG 1.2 million, Paul calls on the button. A-3-9. Check check. J turns. Gold bets 1 million. Paul calls quickly. River 2h. Check Check. KJo v QJo. Paul takes the pot down.
Paul raises cutoff, Binger reraises, Paul folds yet again.

Note: I'm no longer going to do hand for hand updates, only big hands...

3.37am EDT - Butler All-in from the button Cunningham folds despite the math nearly working out.

All-in 3.44 - Butler allin after limp limp. Cunningham calls. Gold calls. Flop: Jh-6d-5d check/check. 2c. Gold bets, Cunningham folds. Gold's KJo vs Butler's 44. 3 or 4 keeps Butler alive. River is the ten of clubs. Gold takes down the pot and Rhett Butler is eliminated.
We're four handed...

"The Mouth" doin commentary, really critical of the earlier move by Richard Lee. Huge, huge mistake, though Mike is citing fatigue from the marathon as being a factor.

3.50am EDT - Updated Chip Counts
Seat 1 - Paul Wasicka - T14.2 million
Seat 2 - Allen Cunningham - T10 million
Seat 3 - Michael Binger - T12 million
Seat 4 - Jamie Gold - T52 million

3.57 - Gold limps, Binger raises. Gold asks for a chip count and calls. Flop comes A-10-2 rainbowed. 1.5 million into the pot. Gold folds.

Over/under betting going on via ESPN's email on when the WSOP will end. Over/under is 6am. Mattesow is pushing the over.

4am - Binger reraises, knocks Cunningham off a hand.

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All-in - Cunningham v Gold. Ac-Jc-3h. Cunningham small bet. Gold raises. Cunningham allin 4.2 million to go. Gold talks at Cunningham, asking if he's ready to go home. Gold folds up shop, Cunningham takes the pot down.

Gold raises from the button. Paul re-raises 2 million more. Gold folds up.

Chip Count through 184 hands

Seat 1 - Paul Wasicka - T13.8 million
Seat 2 - Allen Cunningham - T12.15 million
Seat 3 - Michael Binger - T12.85 million
Seat 4 - Jamie Gold - T51.9 million

4.20 smoke break...

4.25 - 3 way action Allen raises, Paul and Jamie call. AJ9hhh Ac. Paul sends out a small seemingly suck bet on the turn. Cunningham raises it up 3 million more. Paul all-in. Allen folds. Paul shows Kqd for a huge huge bluff. Allen claims to have folded pocket tens, with the ten hearted. Huge huge huge bluff by Paul on Allen. WOW!

4.30am EDT - Cunningham moves allin from the button on Paul’s raise. Paul lays it down.

This commentary of the WSOP Final Table brought to you by the Shark Powered Network. SPN members CheckRayz, Shark Poker Tour, Online Shark bring you the best in freeroll and money added poker tournaments on the net. Sign up at all the SPN sites and get started playing free poker.

As an aside, it's really nice to be watching each and every hand played, as opposed to the soundbite highlights on ESPN, even if we don't get the pocket cams.

Gold vs. Cunningham. Cunningham bets on the turn. Gold raises. Little commentary back n forth between the two. Scratch that, lot's of talk. Gold can't seem to keep his trap shut. I suspect this is going to give Allen enough info to make the correct read. Fold.

Blinds will be 200K/400K 50K ante after the break.

Chip Count at the Break

Seat 1 - Paul Wasicka - T18.7 million
Seat 2 - Allen Cunningham - T7.6 million
Seat 3 - Michael Binger - T15 million
Seat 4 - Jamie Gold - T49.35 million

Jennifer Harman has joined the commentary booth. She thinks Gold was worried about Cunningham, however, Paul's been surprising Jamie. She thinks Jamie should be playing small pot and in position, so he doesn't risk doubling anyone. Essentually, it's his tourney to lose.
9 hrs 30 minutes of final table poker played at the WSOP thus far.

5.10 am EDT - 3 handed. Paul raises, Mike, and Jamie. Flop comes 3-3-8. Paul bets, Michael Binger raises and takes the pot. This has been occuring regularly, with Michael coming over top of Paul.

Gold continues to limp UTG. Binger raises from the BB. Gold calls. Qd-6-5. Check/check. 10d turns. 1.5 million bet from Binger. Gold calls. Big pot, and the 9 of spades on the board. Binger checks. Gold bets out 4 million. Binger folds to the big bet. Gold shows 6-4.

Commentary on players raising and not continuing vs. the big stack. Gold seemingly stealing pot after pot due to weakness, and no one playing back at Gold.

Elimination - Binger raises, Gold calls, Cunningham allin.Binger fold, however Gold calls KdJd v Cunningham’s 10-10. Flop comes: A-K-8. Cunningham is in trouble. Turn card is a 7. River is the 3 of spades. Allen Cunningham is eliminated in fourth place.

Chip Count at 5.25am EDT

Seat 1 - Paul Wasicka T15.475 million chips M of 20
Seat 3 - Michael Binger T12.35 million chips M of 16
Seat 4 - Jamie Gold T62.325 million chips M of 83

Chris Ferguson joins the commentary.

Wow, Jamie's "Sea" of chips is impressive.

Michael moves allin, folds Jamie up after his 1.2 million raise. Jamie folds.

Chip count

Seat 1 - Paul Wasicka - T15.9 million
Seat 3 - Michael Binger - T12 million
Seat 4 - Jamie Gold - T62 million

Binger moves all-in from the BB on Gold's button limp. Gold talks to him asking for him to help him decide, saying it's 50/50. Jamie Gold folds.

Q-9-4 Binger and Gold, SB - BB. Jamie bets, Michael calls. Ad on turn check check. 8s river. 4.15 million pot. Jamie bets and tells Michael he's probably bluffing. Jamie was in fact bluffing, as advertised. Michael folds and Jamie shows the Jack three unsuited, running a stone cold bluff.
Andy Bloch states that Binger has never “called” a bet on the river during this entire final table.
9-5-5 - Paul raises 1.2 million, Gold calls. Check from Paul, still no continuation from Paul. Ace on the turn. Paul bets the turn, Gold calls quickly. 6 on the end. Check/check. Jamie shows pocket tens and takes the pot down.

update: Gold - 66.125 million, Wasicka 13.225 million, Binger 11.25 million

Gold raises and Binger reraises. Binger seems the most willing to play back at Gold of the two.
5.50am EDT - Binger-Gold SB-BB. 6-2d-3d 1 million called by Gold. Qc check check. Kd on the river. 55 v 6d-8d. Gold takes another pot.

The action is relentless in that there are a shitload of flops seen.

Binger raises, Gold reraises, Binger folds.

2 limpers, Binger raises, takes down the pot.

Paul vs Gold Ad-8c-2c. Paul continues, Gold calls. Turn brings Kh. Check by Gold. Paul checks behind. 4c on river A-3 from Gold, Paul mucks.

Gold is doing well in keeping the pots small.

6am - Paul played stop n go and Jamie paid his two pair off.

Elimination - Binger calls Gold's all-in on the flop Binger A10 v 34... flop was 6-10-5. Turn is the 7 of clubs. River is a queen of spades. Binger is eliminated in third place. We're now heads up. This queen would have given Paul the flush.

Chip count for the heads up.

Gold - 78.125 million, Paul Wasicka 12.025 million.

This is a monsterous lead. Paul needs to double through twice to come back.

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Replay of the Hachem win last year.

SB/Button acts first preflop and last after the flop, in case we're keeping score.

chip count roughly 78 mil to 12 mil, blinds 200k/400k 50k ante - Paul's M is 17.

And we're ready for head's up action. Money is on the table and we're shuffled up n dealin at 6.30am EDT.

6 of the seven final tablers have been eliminated by Gold.

1st pot taken down by Gold on the flop. Wasicka was being weak post flop when there were more players left. Let's see if he plays the same while head's up.

Paul raises preflop, Gold folds.

Gold shows he has standards and folds.

Min raise by paul. Jamie calls. Flop bet by Paul on a js-9s-9h board. Jamie calls cleanly. Turn comes Ks. Jamie fires the turn. Paul calls quickly. River comes 6s, making the board four flushed. 2 million bet by Gold. Paul asks Jamie if he has it. Jamie says he cannot talk anymore and then Jamie tells him either he's got it or he doesn't have a spade. Paul shows A-7s and takes the pot. Wow!

Jamie bets into the river with the board 6-4-3-7-A. Jamie tells him "you go allin, I probably fold." Paul lays the hand down.

Jamie Gold is limping on the button quite often. Paul raises from the BB and auto-calls. Flop comes Qc-8h-5h. 1.5 million by Paul. Jamie moves all-in. Asks if Paul has a Queen, then a pair, then balls and says let's do it. Jamie says he has not a good hand but is gonna win. Call!
10-10 v Q9 of Gold.

Turn: Ad

two outs remaining for Paul, as he must draw a ten
River: is the 4 of clubs.

Jamie Gold is your 2006 world series of poker main event champion, taking down the 12 million dollar first prize and the bracelet.


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