Blogger Poker Tour Stop #4: "We're Just Here 4 the Beer"

We're throwin a party, a beer bash of today at Poker.com. The Beer Guy and his trusty blog, The Poker Pub are playing host to the fourth event of the Blogger Poker Tour. This free poker tournament, appropriately themed "We're Just Here 4 the Beer," has a $500 prize pool, and there's even a bounty on the Beer Guy (poker.com sn: imjusthere4thebeer), which gives a bit of further meaning to the theme of the event...

Launch me, and gain free entry into the poker.com 10K guaranteed. Top four in this beer bash of sorts gain entry to the BPT Grand Final. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, to stir the pot further, this is going to be a short table event (read: six seaters), which is in fact, the Beer Guy's specialty - hence the bounty on the drunken host.

This event will be both fun and highly competative, so don't leave home without your beer goggles and your "A-game." The event is open to active bloggers who meet the simple eligibility requirements outlined on the Blogger Poker Tour website. Registration can be accomplished as follows:

1. Download the Poker.com software here if you do not yet have the software and an account,

2. Sign up at the Blogger Poker Tour site, at which time you'll need to add their link to your blog,

3. Use the password: yourshout for this tournament,

4. Show up and play on Saturday April 29th at 15.30GMT-5 (4.30pm EDT for us east coasters).

While you're registering for this event, you might also want to refer a friend or two who has a blog and is a blogger to join in. The Blogger Poker Tour, via the BPT Grand Finals are sending one blogger to the WSOP and giving away lots of prizes. Don't miss out!

Additional "Unofficial" BPT News

I'm always a believer in being an "active," "innovative" and "participating" member of the communities in which I choose to belong. The BPT is no different. I've put together a "blog roll" and have taken the initiative of placing the link to each of the blogs to the Poker Pub. If you would like to do the same, you can access the unofficial text list of BPT participants here.

A few notes on this list:

1. The list was done by hand, specifically by the hand of the Drunken one. That being said, there "may" be some blogs I accidentally missed. Additionally, there may be some duplicate entries.

2. There was surely an automated, easier way for me to do this, though I do not know how, and even if I did, I'd rather go with the personal touch.

3. There is no "real" order to this list presently. I went down the line of blogs linked to the blogger poker tour website.

4. I most likely "came back to you" and listed lower the blogs that had the BPT banner in a post, as opposed to the more perminant outer column.

5. If your blog was "grayed out" (meaning "probation status") and I couldn't come up with a reason to question why that was within approximately three seconds, I probably didn't add ya.

6. I probably put a blog or two on that didn't belong, and it may have been accidentally, it may have been on purpose.

7. If you copy the blog roll and implement it on your site, you'll probably be bumped up the list. If I read your blog regularly, I'll probably bump you up the list (and probably add you to the "blogs I read" list of mine as well). If you update your content regularly and I see that, I'll probably bump you up the list.

8. If you make me aware (drop me a line) that you've copied the blog roll and put it on your blog, you'll almost certainly be moved up the list.

9. If I made a mistake, forgot ya, or you have any questions, comments, concerns, ideas, and/or suggestions; contact me via number 8.

10. This list is unofficial, I will update once per week, most likely on Saturdays or Sundays. When I update, I won't go back to check for "probation" to be satisfied. I'll start with the last blog added and work down. If you're higher than the last blog added (not to be confused with the last blog on the roll, keep in mind), contact me and I'll add your blog to the list, if appropriate. If you'd like me to "push out" new updates to you of the blog roll via email, drop me a line using the link in number 8 alerting me of such.

11. "Catch all"... anything not listed in 1-10 "may" be covered here...