Misc. Ramblings... "because I can"...

Its been a while since I've gone off on one of my ever so famous rambling sessions (though, maybe it hasn't and I've just not noticed?). So today's your lucky day... The beer guy's misc. rambling post, "because I can." I will try to keep it as focused as possible (read: organized chaos).

Blogger Poker Tour at Poker.com

Anyone looking to their left can see I have signed on as an active participant at poker.com in the Blogger Poker Tour. The tour is underwritten by poker.com, which also is the home to all of the tour events (shout out and thanks to poker.com for taking on such an endeaver). A second shout out to my online poker mentor and business partner Sharky for playing host to the event last week. One of our own took down the event with "authorita," I might add (read: congrats!).

I love the idea of having a tour where bloggers may come together and play some sound poker while having their eye on the prize (WSOP seat). I further love the fact that this event is somewhat exclusive, in that one must currently be or strive to become a blogger in order to participate. When rattling off my next statement, I am saying right up front that my statement is not one of an elitest. I welcome newcomers, people new to the blogging community... even bloggers who blog on something other than poker. I recognize that one of the many purposes of having a tour of this nature is to encourage blogging in general and that the rules should allow for people to stumble across the tour and think to themselves, "you know, I've been meaning to start a blog for quite some time. This gives me more of a reason to do so now!" However, I do absolutely despise those who create a blog just to gain access to the free, somewhat exclusive event.

I'm not going to rant on how one should conduct themselves within the scope of their own blog. But to me, two posts, ironically entered right around the time that one registers for the tour, coupled with the fact that they've perhaps had a blogger profile active for a year or so, more than likely because they wanted to comment on someone else's blog that does not allow anonymous entries; in my opinion does not a blog make. A mother is not guilty of "being" a mother simply on the premise that she gave birth to a child, just like a father is not necessarily a father simply because he participated in the conception. Sure, the named parties are the parents, but doing little to actually parent. Taken one step further, just because someone has a blog, does not mean they are, in turn a blogger. I'd like to see more "bloggers" involved in the tour and less "blog owners."

The good people behind the Blogger Poker Tour are beginning to take measures to weed out the contenders from the pretenders, effort which I for one sincerely appreciate. Would these pretenders be as courtious to their community if something along the lines of what happened to me last week happened to them? I had penciled in time to participate in the Shark hosted beach party tour stop of the Blogger Poker Tour. I had penciled this time in knowing I had family functions all day long. However, I knew that I'd be able to make time to play from start to finish, assuming it started when I thought it did. As fate would have it, the change from standard to daylight time occured, and wouldn't you know that due to this, I would not be able to give it my all - assuming i ran well and played to conclusion. For this reason, I decided that I'd pull out of the tournament because I could not "give it my all." To me, pulling out was a better solution than playing for an hour, knocking some peeps out, then having to go and being faced with either "donating" (read: chip dump), or sit out and hope to coast into the money. My choice was true to myself, my game, and the community, and I chose to unregister. My family time had to supercede my poker time... and rightfully so.

Further clarification: I have no problem with anyone being on a strict time schedule. I know of one person who was crunched for time, played hard, and then work pulled him away. He is not the person I am referring to. In fact, I'm referring to no one specifically. He knew he'd have time to play a majority of the event, and stood chance of the event actually finishing before having to leave for work. To me, he made a great choice in playing. With the event being held 1 hour later than what I thought, I'd have got in maybe twenty-thirty minutes of play before I had to start making some "command decisions." Rather than chance that, I opted out of the event. Both of which were, in my opinion, "correct" decisions. How many people out of those who have set up blogs for the sole purpose of playing yet another free tournament would have even given any of that even the slightest thought? My guess is none. Not a one. They'd "play" from the "sitting out" position and never have even the slightest of regrets... because after all, they're bloggers for God's sake! Its their "right" to sit out! ...Not in my eyes... It disrespects the tour, it disrespects the host of the tour event, and it certainly disrespects the players involved. I applaud the peeps behind the Blogger Poker Tour for stepping up and working to weed out these bad seeds, and encourage the players... the real bloggers involved to help them in the weeding out process. Together perhaps we can all work to keep it somewhat real.

CheckRayz Buyins of late...

I'm not the only one who has noticed this of late. But, there's not a "good" seat in the house anymore in these CheckRayz buyins. By "good seat" I mean a seat where there's a donk or two at your table (read: "dead money"), let alone in the poker tournament. Even the freeroll poker tournaments feature a very tough field. This is EXACTLY what I was shooting for when Sharky and I set out on our CheckRayz endeaver. We envisioned smaller events, which in turn result in a "tougher" field. And by golly, we got exactly what we were aiming for! What pleases me the most, is that our membership is growing both smartly and nicely. The new players who are coming onboard are catching on quick. I like to hope, in part that its due to the combined efforts of Shark and myself to stress strategy in our discussions both in the blogosphere and on the Shark Forum. Personally, I prefer a tough poker table, especially in our private events. And I LOVE the fact that it seems that everyone who plays actively seeks to improve their game. That being said, thanks to each and every one of you who continue to make CheckRayz and the leaderboard poker tour what it is.

Monthly Live Game Tommorrow...

Tommorrow is the ever so famous "monthly game" for the Beer guy and all his poker playing friends. Rumour has it that Poker Pub legand SuperDonk will be making a promotional appearance at the local Circle K having a pregame autograph/meet n greet session. Circle K is, in case we're keeping score, the official provider of the Beer Guy's coffee and obnoxious chewing gum prior to the "monthly game."

My performance at the monthly game, in terms of results (read: cashing) have not been in line with my expectations. More often than not, I've been either the "bubble boy" or the first one out once the money hits. I'm making a bold prediction for this month, something I've never done, and calling my home run ball... I'm putting everyone on notice and saying "I will win this event this month." I know, bold statement, considering I've not factored in the chance of getting cold cards, or "bad beats" placed upon me. Oh, but I have... Bad beats and cold decks are something every poker player must deal with and work through. Its how one responds to said bad beats and cold cards that defines a winner. Taking that into consideration, I am vowing to overcome any cold cards and/or bad beats to emerge victorious. Failure... is not an option (read: it is very possible that I make a similar post next month, just prior to the "monthly game," however nothing is going to deter me or turn into an excuse if I do not win). I'm giving it my all and plan to win. Nuff said.

Final thoughts...

Finally, I wish to reitterate my thanks to everyone who has made CheckRayz what it is. Additional shout out and thanks to those who take time to read my "drunken ramblings" here at the Poker Pub, and to those who take the time to comment. Here's to you! (tippin my mug in your honor).