I'm a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due. That being said, here are my list of shoutouts for the month of April. This is a "right this minute, off the wall" idea, so I'm not purposely leaving anyone out. If there's anyone I should be listing... or if anyone wants to toot their horn, drop me a line:

Shout outs to...

Clayshooter for taking down the Q1 CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour Championship,

Norman for not only taking down the winner takes all CheckRayz Challenge, but for also parlaying it to one hell of a week in the Sun,

Reelcrazy for knocking down his second CheckRayz event of the quarter and then cashing in the 20K guaranteed,

The Student for "bringin it" at the Shark hosted Blogger Poker Tour event,

Sharky for putting on one hell of a blogger poker tour event (family obligations and confusion in start time, sorry I couldn't make it!),

Judith for continuing to bring me hands and situations to break down,

Poker4ever for putting on what I believe is the tightest low limit public event I've ever played in in the 2k guaranteed (I was in endgame mode at the beginning of the second hour, bringin it for two more straight and played 14th),

River Belle Poker for sponsoring the leaderboard and holding our three post-tour special events (checkrayz rewards is this week),

Yours truely for donking my way to a second place finish in an Omaha tourney (gasp!),

CT for bringing me some awesome and exciting, yet still "hush hush" news (read: congrats on something I'm not yet allowed to talk about! buzzzzzz),

SuperDonk for defying the odds and taking down "the hand."

The Beer Football Club for knocking off the 2 time defending League champions and posting their first A League win of the season (2 games in). Beer have handed the Coach's team what is only their second loss in three seasons and add this strong showing to the hard faught draw they earned vs. the coaches early last season.

The CheckRayz members for making the tour what it is...