BPT Event #4, weekly recap, & The Friday Night Mailbag...

We're throwin a party, a beer bash of sorts this Saturday. Yours truely and the Poker Pub are playing host to the fourth event of the Blogger Poker Tour this Saturday at Poker.com. This free poker tournament, appropriately themed "We're Just Here 4 the Beer," has a $500 prize pool, and there's even a bounty on the Beer Guy (poker.com sn: imjusthere4thebeer), which gives a bit of further meaning to the theme of the event... Launch me, and gain free entry into the poker.com 10K guaranteed.

Top four in this beer bash of sorts gain entry to the BPT Grand Final. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, to stir the pot further, this is going to be a short table event (read: six seaters), which is in fact, the Beer Guy's specialty - hence the bounty on the drunken host. This event will be both fun and highly competative, so don't leave home without your beer goggles and your "A-game." The event is open to active bloggers who meet the simple eligibility requirements outlined on the Blogger Poker Tour website. Registration can be accomplished as follows:

1. Download the Poker.com software here if you do not yet have the software and an account,

2. Sign up at the Blogger Poker Tour site, at which time you'll need to add their link to your blog,

3. Use the password: yourshout for this tournament,

4. Show up and play on Saturday April 29th at 15.30GMT-5 (4.30pm EDT for us east coasters).

While you're registering for this event, you might also want to refer a friend or two who has a blog and is a blogger to join in. The Blogger Poker Tour, via the BPT Grand Finals are sending one blogger to the WSOP. Don't miss out!

Weekly recap

In case you didn't know, read the above, as "I'm sure I haven't mentioned that I'm hosting the blogger poker tour event this weekend."

The CheckRayz Rewards held last night, thus closing the books on our highly successful first quarter tour. We're nearly one month into our second quarter tour, and the Beer Guy is highly satisfied, knowing he has some of the best poker players on the net in this tour. Our events, both freeroll and money added buyins, have been growing smartly. I thank everyone for playing their part in successfully kicking off the hottest little tour on the net. Our momentum and excitement shall carry us far in the second quarter and beyond.

This week, I announced that I'll be making some huge announcements right here on the Poker Pub regarding some of the new and exciting promotions we're offering our members. Look for those announcements (yes, you read correctly... plural announcements next week). I'm not at liberty to release the details until the deal has been done, but think "free money."

Also right here on the Poker Pub, the Beer Guy called his homerun ball at the "monthly" game. He said he was gonna win it, cold cards and bad beats irrelivant, and win it he did. He then went above and beyond the call of duty and took down the after game, in addition to the main event. See, here at the poker pub, we don't just sing it... we bring it.

Finally, we got a play by play of the evolution of the Beer Guy's online poker career. Look for me to expand on this in the weeks to come as I discuss specifics on how specifically I evolved my game and why. I remain committed to educating and informing my readers, helping you along in your journey to become the playa you strive to be. Take notes, study, ask questions, and apply the suggestions I put forth. Use the resources I've helped to bring you.

"Mailcall... mailcall"

Ah, the call for mail. The one thing to look forward to while at sea... (pause to thank god that's behind me).

The first email comes from Vasile and reads:

You gave me a password and it's not working. Please change my password.

My response:

Hi Vasile,

I have no idea what you mean by "i gave you the password." Please clarify what specifically you're talking about. If in fact you mean that you've registered for the CheckRayz site and received your welcome letter, I assure you the password does in fact work.

Using the welcome letter as a reference, type in the email address in which you registered to CheckRayz with in the box appropriately marked "email address." Then, highlight the text on the welcome letter that contains the password. While the text is highlighted, press the ctrl and the c key at the same time to copy the password. Next, click on the "password" box on the log in page. Push the ctrl and the v button at the same time to paste the case sensitive password into the block. Then click the button to log in.


(mailbag note: some day I will finally get around to pushing out an update to the site which includes a frequently asked questions page. Until then, I guess we have mailbag material...).

Next up, Norman...

Hi, Mike. Read your latest rambling, (lol), and noticed I got a mention. It's amazing how many doubters there are out there. Of course, maybe he didn't believe I could win anything! I haven't even got into the Poker Tracker yet. It's been a good week for me at Sun Poker, and you know the old saying, "you have to make hay while the sun shines"! I'm up over a "shitload" (Beer Guy edit: deleted the actual dollar amount to protect privacy, insert word "shitload") for the week, mainly due to players who think they can't lose! Anyway, I'll get into it one of these days, and give you a shout if I need any pointers.

By the way, in the "Judith" saga, there was no indication how long she had been at the same table with "villain", but if she had seen a good amount of his play, she should have added her assessment of his play into her decision making. (Maybe she did, but it wasn't mentioned). Thanks for your work in keeping the Poker Pub going. I'm a faithful reader, as I'm sure many others are, even if we don't let you know often enough. Keep up the good work! Take care. Norman

Great post Norman. And congrats on taking down a "shitload" (once again, my word edited into his email) at one of the Beer Guy's favorite hangouts. I highly doubt that anyone was doubting your ability to take down a tourney, and it should be noted, Norman knocked me out of the tourney, on his quest to the pt program and cashish. It sounded to me that the person was questioning whether or not we actually gave that out as a prize in a free tournament. To which, I say "hell yea we did!" Its straight up on of the perks of playin with the Beer Guy... we, from time to time, give away free stuff to reward the loyalty of our members.

That being said, I'm available anytime you have questions. Just give me a holla. I'm confident you're going to find that your already solid game can... and will be elevated to the next level with the introduction of pokertracker into the equation. I know it did mine wonders, as it helped on my reads, and straight up showed me the error of my donk-like ways (stats, when in the proper context do not lie). One concrete thing pokertracker did for me was to minimize my bad beat stories starting with the ever so famous "so I was in the big blind..." (the place most bad beat stories begin).

Finally, several peeps ask about my ever so famous case sensitive passwords... no, not the login passwords, but the passwords for the actual tourneys:

Beerman, Why doesn't the pw on your site work for (insert upcoming tourney of choice here)?


BeerGuy, Why you gotta make those passwords so difficult? Can't you at least allow us to cut and paste the passwords from the site? Or how about emailing the buyin passwords?

My response: The passwords are "exactly" how I wish them to be, short of copyrighting them (coming soon, rest assured). I don't make it easy to share passwords, as I do not wish for them to be shared with non members. Making it hard in turn makes it easier to protect our vested interest in each and every one of our events.

Have a great weekend peeps,