Pokertracker Stats Revisited, update on Rewards tournament...

To give everyone an update on the CheckRayz Leaderboard Rewards tournament, scheduled for today at 7pm EST, I still have no news. I cannot register as of right now either. CT has been the only one able to join the event, and that's because her name was submitted seperate from the original list. That being said, I am going to continue to try to work with River Belle Poker to try to get this tourney up and running today, as scheduled. My suggestion is to keep trying to enter. In the event the tourney does not properly open for entry, rest assured, we will reschedule it.

PokerTracker Stats, Revisited...

Last we looked at my stats, part I and part II... We weren't running "too bad." I had a tight aggressive and profitable game going. I was happy with my percentage of hands I was playing, my preflop raising, my positional play, and my win rate when seeing flops. I was planning to work on giving up my blinds a bit more. Additionally, my flop aggression is about where I wanted it, my turn and river aggression needed to come up a bit... especially my river betting. I had cited that if I increased my aggression on the river, then it would stand to reason that my turn bets and/or moves would get more respect, as my opposition would fear having to pay on the river as well.

That being said, let's take a look at my last 6000 or so hands.

Voluntarily put money into the pot percentage: 24.12% --- previous number was 22.79%, so I seem to be seeing a bit more hands. This is not a problem in and of itself, but could be... So, we'll note this number and revisit if necessary.

Preflop Raise: 13.75% --- previous number was 13.62%. I'm not a cheap date, am I?

Attempted to "steal" blinds: 22.59% --- previous number was 20.55%. Looking at this number rise, at the same time my voluntarily entering the pot number is rising suggests that I might be playing more "positional" poker. These two stats alone "could" be a good thing, but we'll dig deeper to confirm this.

Folded Small Blind to Steal Attempts: This was an area I had suggested I wanted to improve upon. 76.96% is where I am at currently. I want to be between 78-88%, and previously I was at 71.26%. So, combined with my VP$ip on the rise, and my steals on the rise. This number going up further suggests I am playing more "in position," which again suggests my stats are looking better, relative to what I want them to be. Moving along...

Folded Big Blind to Steal Attempts: 49.39%. I wanted this number, last time to be between 55-65%. Last we checked, I was at 51.49%. So it seems I am playing out of the big blind more. This "could" be that I am at tables that are moreso consisting of either limpers or call stations. However, I am going to flat out say I want this number to go up. I'll commit to forcing this number up over the next set of hands.

I dig deeper into this statistic and see that unlike in the Small Blind, when I take a stand with my big blind (by either calling, or raising in defense), my win rate is not high enough to justify this percentage being as low as it is. Don't get me wrong, this is not "problematic" for my game, however, when I am defending my small blind, and winning at showdown over 70% of the times that I go to showdown, and an additional 13.6% of the time without showdown from the small blind defense. This is compared to winning 25.6% of the time before showdown, and only 41.6% at showdown, its clear that this stat needs tweaked a bit. I'm committing right now to be "as stubborn" defending my big blind, generally speaking.

Won when saw flop: 40.75% of the time. Last time I cited I should be winning 31-40% of the time, and was winning 39.6% of the time. I'm happy with this stat, but I'm willing to bet this stat will increase even more as I get my big blind play in order.

Flop Aggression: 1.14 --- last time's stat was 1.9 and rising. I was happy with that stat and despite it being a bit low this time around, I'm not "disappointed" with it. This suggests I am not always throwing out a continuation bet. I'll often check and raise and sometimes check and fold. I'm playing the flop very situationally, taking into consideration the board, number of opponents, my hand, and how all of that ties into one another. Stand alone, this stat is neither good nor bad. Ideally I am shooting for an aggression factor between 1.8-3. But if the other stats between the turn and river are "adjusted," I won't look at this as "problematic" but instead as an area that may need some attention. So, once again, let's dig a bit deeper.

Turn Aggression: 1.94 -- last time my turn aggression factor was 2.53. I wanted this stat also to be between 1.8-3.0. My flop and turn aggression have come down. I'm beginning to believe that I'm not happy with my post flop play. My win rate is fine when I see the flop, but either I'm not value playing enough, or I am not making moves, looking to take down enough pots before the showdown. We'll continue looking.

River Aggression: 2.80 --- I was at 1.76 last time, and shooting for 1.8 to 2.5. Apparantly I over shot.

I'd suspect that I am either slowplaying too much, or not taking advantage of "selling" the expensive turn call. On one hand, I'm betting on the back end sufficiently, as I had planned. On the other hand, the purpose of playing more aggressively on the river was to gain some love on the turn. I've not maximized this relationship and need to focus more on betting the turn AND the river going forward.

BB/100 hands: 2.66 --- last time we did the checkup we were looking at a win rate of 2.93. I'm willing to bet that I can drive this number well above 3 if I play my turn and river better and give up my BB's a bit more often.

Overall, I am playing well. My stats look decent to pretty impressive. There are a few holes I need to plug, and a few hands I need to let go of earlier. But overall, the game is a well oiled machine.

Next week I plan to go into detail on strategy for newer players. My article last week on why I play tight and aggressive was generally speaking to new players, and was moreso an overall posture. After further discussion and reflection, I now know that I need to start at the beginning to help my "target audience." So beginning Monday, we'll start with getting one's self organized.