What a hectic month (New Beginnings)...

Wow, October was such a busy month. Played less poka than normal, due to several other committments (family, business, etc.). Nov has been just as busy for starters, but it is really looking like things are going to fall into place and slow down. Its chaos, getting things started that consumes the most time. Once everything is rolling, everything is organized... life will be far more managable.

Kids are organized with school, I've got direction in the biz, launching 2 new soccer teams, and moving poker rooms...

As for "the biz," I've been looking at goin in a different direction for a while now. Been researchin, studyin, preparin... Along came the Sharkman himself. It is a done deal... The Shark and the Beer Man are starting an online venture. The site will be www.checkrayz.com , part of the Shark Powered Network www.onlineshark.com .

Shark has been in the biz for over a year and doin a kickass job. Hardest working man in the biz, as a matter of fact. Little Brotherz doin the website for me. It'll be a sharp lookin one, unlike my www.beerfc.com site that I just merely play around with for entertainment purposes. This one will be the real dealio.

This timeframe marks a new era for the Beerman. One of new beginnings. I've spent some time recently righting the wrongs I've committed in the past with friends, fam. and so on... Other than saying a close friend of mine and my kids inspire me to be a better person, I'm not really sure what's brought this on. I do know I like the results and intend to stay on track (sigh of relief noted from the Beer hatas out there). My life shall remain consumed with focus. Focus on friendship, success, and cherishing that which I have. Striving for things I desire, and for perhaps the first time in a long time, a state of zen. I'm at peace with who I am, what I'm doing, and where I'm goin. And I like it. God help those who try to derail this new found focus.

Anyways, enough philosophical rambling for the moment (I'm known to go this route for hours). The new www.checkrayz.com is expected to be up and runnin by next week. You'll find on this site links to free poker tourneys, chances to get free $$$, a Leaderboard, poker links, and all things poker, for that matter.

Check back soon for updates regarding the site...

All for now... Beer Man