70K Guaranteed...

Well, last night I won my way into the Saturday 16.30 $70K Guarantee at AbsolutePoker.com. Field of 500 or so to in the satellite to win my spot. It seems that there is going to be a Guaranteed Freezeout every Saturday at 4.30PM Eastern time. Today's tourney has a HUGE $8000 overlay ($62,000 in entry fees collected, $70,000 in tourney prizes awarded). Top prize, a kewl 17.5G, remainder paid out through 63rd place. I write this entry as I sit at the table 591 remaining from a field of 620 --- spanned over 66 tables. Kids are nappin on the couch, so all is quiet on the homefront, except for the sounds of chips flyin' and my pokertracker printouts rustlin. I'll update my progress and some key hands as I go...

4.58 pm - blinds 20/40 1,250 chipcount --- tens in the pocket. Fish to right limps in, I raise standard 4x, blinds and limper fold. Here comes the table moves... Of course, I'm thrusted into early position, relative to the blinds on the move. Notice a calling station on my immediate left (thank you pokertracker notes). Ironically, his sn is shldbfishing. Ma stats suggest you've been doing so for ages. Change your name to IMFISHIN, pal.

5.05pm - blinds 30/60 1350 chipcount 498 players remain --- "Allowed" a free play against four players in the big blind holding QJoffsuit. Flop comes J - 8- 3 (8-3 coordinated). I bet out, one caller. He calls to the river, most likely chasing a flush unsuccessfully. Apparantly, he took callstation's screenname for a direct lawful order. Chips to 1920.

5.14pm - blinds 40/80 1800 chipcount --- Flush chaser bows out, raisin up with a 10-8 suited. Limper to his right correctly calls the preflop all in with AKs, nails down a boat knockin turd chaser out.

5.18pm - battle of the screennames I --- Mr. Meat vs. Flowerboy. Dude with the hotdog cartoon character stomps all over girly-man's top pair with a flush.

5.24pm - blinds 50/100 1500 chipcount --- Guy limps in cutoff, I raise from the small holding A-10suited. Fishin reraises short stacked to allin. Cutoff folds. I make the small call, he turns over QQ and catches his set on the flop. Mowed down to 840 and now sittin slightly shortstacked with 417 remaining.

5.28pm - blinds 50/100 840 chipcount --- Pocket 8s. I push allin. 2 callers. Fishin dude turns over pocket tens, Hot dog man, to my ever-so-unpleasant surprise, turns over pocket 8s. The board teased a possible straight for me, bailin me out... but no such luck.

My tourney ends, 399th place... Onto the smaller field for the 6pm Shark event at:

Click here to play!

But first, off to grab dinner for the kids, who are now awake...