On Tilt...

So anytime I wake up at 4am with a "creative rush," its either a GREAT day or a HORRIBLE day. Today was on the South side of the spectrum. (Fast forward) I decided I was going to do the VOIP thing, so I bought all the necessary equipment, hooked it up correctly, and proceeded to register. For starters, I LOVE it when the database of the company you're doing business with deceives you. I go to register my info, only to discover via a telephone call that the database is down for maintainance, please try again in thirty minutes. GRRRRR

I go pick up the kids from school, come home, finally get registered, only to find out that the damn thing isn't working, EVEN THOUGH THE EMAIL I JUST RECEIVED TELLS ME EVERYTHING IS FINE!!! Yet another database lying to me!

So, I call the toll free number and I get "the lady"... You know, the one with the deep deep accent. She proceeds to have me chasin my tail for an hour and a half. Seriously, I checked the connection between the router and the "box" ten thousand times. Finally, she concludes (thanx to the degree in rocket science) that the box is defective. "I'm curious though, which of the ten thousand reps of "checking connection" told you that? And furthermore, why did we not check the connection that was really the issue? It was the fact that the box wasn't acknowledging the phone. The box to router connection was just fine, as per your lighting scheme and troubleshooting manual sitting right here in front of me!!! Why yes, I'd love to return your defective equipment and get another one! What? Sure! I'll call you tommorrow. I've never had so much fun plugging and unplugging chords from my router for no apparant reason!!! Its a date!!!!!!!"

That was the jist of my entire day. Many other things today that seemed just like that eventful phone call. So, of course to relieve some stress, I decided to check me out a new poker room (details soon, perhaps). I found it to my liking, bunch of donks bowin down to the checkrayz'n I was throwin at their collective asses. Nothing like short tables with a bunch of weaklings. Although, this did not make me feel better. I needed more. I'm bullyin around a bunch of donks and not feeling any better. There has to be something that will help... Wait, its coming... Yes, got it!!!

Off to AbsolutePoker.com . Playin head's up is the best tilt therapy money can buy. Three tablin' and playing good hands knockin donks around is one thing. But, to really dig down into the tilt, you have to play the shit hands. No better place to do that (and not get burned) than head's up. Mowed down 4 unfortunate souls with the drunken checkrayz aggression. Now THAT made me feel better. Imma remember that more often (bad day ='s Beer Guy's heads up challenge).

Still accomplished nothing, couldn't make my voip work, but man could I make that 2-7 pay me a grand in chips!!!

Poker Haiku of the day:
"Ode to the 2-7off, tiltin heads up"
On tilt and head's up
Rayzen n reraizin all
Gimme all yo chips