Launch Week...

Well, anyone who's been following the storyline, be it in the shark forum (http://sharkpokertour.com/phpbb2/index.php), or the Beer Man's "Bar talk," this week is the launch of the "website." http://CheckRayz.com goin live this week. To give you a little background, this website is going is gonna be a joint venture between myself and the shark man himself, http://pokerroadwarrior.blogspot.com.

Expect lots of bad azz things from CheckRayz and the entire Shark Powered Network. In fact, I hear sharky is relaunching his flagship site this week too http://onlineshark.com. Big Launch week. Having said that, I'm gonna talk to the shark man to see if we can get some launch bonuses in the tourneys this week to celebrate launch week.

On the CheckRayz site, I'm lookin to get a few heads up tourneys goin real soon. We've not done that, from my understanding. Looks like a real demand there. Also, by year's end, I plan to have a Leaderboard goin, possibly even a player of the year award coming from the Leaderboard. So many ideas, so many possible directions. Sky's the limit here! Feel free to post me any ideas, either here, the forum, or via email (mikeatbeerfcdotcom).

Well, back to work. "Nuff sed" for now.