fun on tourney day...

First of all, gotta give a shout out("u da man") to the greatest tourney director on da net... The check Rayz'n, chip slingin', poker playin' roadwarrior and leader of the Shark Army (not to mention my mentor and business partner) Steve Hathaway. Of course, he gets mad props for his incredible event he put on yesterday known as "Sharkfest I". If you missed out, I really believe you missed something special. A Trifecta of prize-infested tourneys spanning the globe with a bunch of Shark Souljas throwin down. This event was huge in my mind. But it is merely the beginning. Not that I'm a gambling man (lmao), but I'd bet Sharkfest II dwarves the first. Keep your eye on the calendar for the next. Bigger and better to come...

On a side note, we had our monthly tourney on the home-front. I was only able to play the first Sharkfest event and "donated" entry fee to the final Sharkfest event of the evening, due to this prior committment. The group I play with monthly, I must say I absolutely love. Great, fun loving poker playing peeps. My career began online, but anytime I can get face to face n play, especially with quality people such as them, I'll take it in half a heartbeat.

By the way, yer hero recaptured his role as "Bubble Boy," finishing fifth and just out of the money (broke through in the main event last month, taking third after several bubble finishes prior). I'm actually quite surprised I made it to the bubble. I got there, had a tough draw, and didn't have the cards to support play, given said tough draw.

I did get the opportunity though, to sit with one of my favorite "characters" in the group who we'll refer to as "chip slinger." One of my favorite moments in our monthly game took place where he was the main character 2 months ago. "Chip slinger" is hyper-aggressive, and he brings one hell of a game, fully equipped and trained in pressin both chipstack and psyche. The story two months ago was when he pushed and pushed and pushed, and talked one of our players into setting down his set of queens, which I do believe had "slinger" beat. It was hilarious watching him just totally knock my friend off his set.

So, since that day, when I sit down with the slinger, I make sure I make it just as expensive and as cereberal for him as he makes it for everyone else. I really enjoy goin at it with him. Very entertaining! He likes raisin me in my big blind too, which places us both in "any two card" territory when I choose to play along. One hand, featured three way action, slinger, SB, and yer hero. Slinger calls uncharacteristically, SB completes, I'm sittin with J-10s, so I raise it up. Blinds were hefty at this point on the table, so I raised 3x. Slinger calls, SB folds. Flop comes Q-10-x. I check, pretty certain a bet is gonna be rained in on my "bombs over baghdad" style. He bets 1/2 the pot. I quickly think it over, get a chip count (he has me covered at this point), and I raise to all-in, putting the thinkin to him. He ponders out loud (knowin he's gonna call me), he calls. I love seeing what he's playin, as I am always surprised. He flips over J-10 also. Thus, we push. I ended up goin out in a blaze of glory, KQs shortstackin on the big blind to an allin vs the SB's A-7 off. I'd have blinded/ante'd out within a hand or two if I didn't push.

Second game, the chip slinger was three to my right and on the SB. I limped with Qc-10c, he raises, I call. Flop comes Jc-9c-xs. He throws out his standard bet with 2-4 blinds ($200), I think it over, carefully counting outs. Needless to say, I couldn't place him on a hand, as its damn near impossible to get a read out of him (unless he checks to me). I do feel though I am either ahead, or will be before the hand is over. Counting outs, I have 9 clubs, 3 Ks, 3 8s, possibly 3 more queens or tens... I've got lots of outs. I can either push allin here (300 more on top of the call), or I can call his bet. It would have been out of character here to simply call. We had the spotlight, and I prefer to rise up in this situation. So, yer hero pushes all-in. Chip Slinger once again ponder out loud, thinking over what my hand is. He caught a piece of the flop, top piece actually, which equates to a call, flipping over J-4 of spades. Turn comes 5 of diamonds, river four of hearts, giving him two pair and the pot, knocking your hero out. Had the outs, the odds, but not the finishing cards. Loved the rush of buttin heads with him and lookin forward to our next epic battle.

Poker Haiku of the day:
"Slinga Props"
Slinger throwin chips,
Knockin me out of tourney
Mad props to ya bro!