Day @ the Reservation...

So today "that guy" and I went to the reservation for some live chip slingin action. It was an "experience," needless to say. Here are the highlights/lowlights of the session.

Second hand in, I'm dealt AA, first to act, I raise my standard 4xBlind. Button reraises 8x, I make it 16x, he calls. Flop comes down KQx. He checks it to me, I bet the pot, he calls (he's all in). Kx suited in his hand and he takes it down. Yer hero is a bit irritated, but not tilting... yet.

Hour or so later, I'm in the big blind with five limpers, holding Kxsuited. Flop comes Kx something (yes, my X). I check, some old dude bets, I raise, knock everyone out other than old dude. Turn comes another X (boat now). Check from me, bet from him, RR to pot, he calls. River's a blank. I bet out, he calls. Yes, my shit hand wins cuz he limped preflop with AA. This hand dug me out so I could at least see light from my hole.

Had numerous other hands, nothing significant though. Things out of position that were thrown out and what have you... And then there was the JJ UTG. I raise 6x blinds (figuring out 4x is not respected on this table). I get 1 caller in the late position (Ace Buster - dude who nailed me with Kx). So I'm assuming he has a suspect hand. He should believe I have a monster, of course. Flop comes A-8-8. I check, he bets into me. I thought about this for a second. He checked when he had a made hand. So, I'm thinking he is trying to knock me off my hand, so I raise. He calls. Turn comes a six. I check, he bets, i raise to allin. He flips over AQs. Ouch...

Yep, your hero is officially on tilt. I get up from the table and walk around to blow off steam. In walking around, I manage to find a black jack table, where I sit down and proceed to win all but a small portion of my money back. By the way, the motion for check means "hit."

"All hail 21"

Blackjack saved the day
Took the Hold'em beats away
Saved was my bankroll.