Heads up hold'em tourney...

Well, tonight I hit the shark tourney at RV tonight (the flop hit me hard a few times too, luckily), got bumped by AnyMouse (good job there on your finish --- same to CT). Got nailed by a free card I gave a few hands earlier. Didn't expect the card to hurt me at all, guessed wrong obviously. Went down swinging on the button with 4 people in ahead of me (limp utg, raise, reraise... i went allin). Figured great odds to make that move, hoping I had more outs than the rest (assuming they had at least one, if not two cards in the A thru J range), had a decent multi-way hand (suited connector), so why not. Mouse hit the hand, I hit the rail... which led me to Celeb Poker.

In case I haven't mentioned it, I love this poker room! Lots of Dispense only ATM's. One of the things I like in this room, is that their short tables are 5 seated, as opposed to the normal 6 seaters. Its nearly impossible to have a playa nibbled to death by a school of fish, as there's not enough volume to occur consistantly, in my opinion. I've done VERY well on this site.

I noticed a head's up hold'em tourney was coming up. So, considering I intended to host one of our first CheckRayz tourneys there (thinking a head's up money added tourney would put asses in seats there), I decided to try it out myself. Top four placed in this event. Faced call station after call station, so I provided unfavorable odds when I felt as if i was ahead. Lots of preflop raising too by yer hero. Finals table wasn't the traditional call station though.

Fortunately, I figured this out early. Unfortunately, I forgot it during a critical hand. My opponent was tight, passive, from what I could assess. So, I toned down my bets, as I didn't necessarily need to throw a 4x bet out there to win the pot outright. She would fold for the min. I figured no sense in risking more than necessary, unless I hit it hard. So, I bet every round. Worked well for a while, til I was dealt the KJs. She bet into me (should have told me she had a hand), I nailed the check raise, challenging her bet. She called it smoothly. Flop was garbage. I figured it didn't help her at all. She pushed her remaining chips allin. The flop didn't help either of us, but her A-7s held. She had about a 7-5 lead at this time. Nothing too bad, but I had her against the wall, I should have picked my spot better.

So, a few hands later, I'm dealt AKo in the big. She completes, I raise, she calls. Flop missed, Q-6-2. I check, she bets, I push allin, she calls, turning over 7-7... jack-6 turns and rivers... Game set match. Yer hero goes out in second place.

Twas a fun tourney though. I'm confident in the set-up on the site. And I have to say, I've not experienced such customer service since Poker.com, home of the seemingly endless freerolls. Both places have great software, great support, and can be potentially profitable for the typical shark soulja. Lots of free money there too. Take a moment to check em out if you've not been there yet.