Second Leg of the CheckRayz Challenge and an interesting blog hit…

The second leg of the June CheckRayz Challenge is for new members, specifically players new to Kiwi Poker only, sorry vets... you'll have a piece of the pie as well. Just not this piece

In an attempt to drive up membership numbers and depositing players, I put forth the following offer.

1. If you have not yet downloaded Kiwi Poker, download it now here.

2. Deposit $50 or more.

3. Play in all 3 of the CheckRayz events at Kiwi poker this month, I will refund $10 dollars, plus I will reimburse for a single tournament entry up to $10 additional dollars.

4. Play in two of the three CheckRayz events at Kiwi Poker for the month of June, I will refund $6, plus reimburse for an additional tournament entry up to $5.

5. Play in one of the three CheckRayz events at Kiwi Poker for the month, I'll refund $3 and refund an additional tournament entry up to $3.

Follow the instructions above, email me through the checkrayz site or via pm here if you have any questions. Once again, new depositing players (to kiwi poker, using the above link), putting in $50 or more into their poker accounts and following the instructions here. This offer is only good to new players to Kiwi Poker who download through my link.

Interesting Search Results

Going through my site statistics today, I find that I am ranked #13 for the following search thread:

Morons and 21st century idiots - well, not me, but my commentary on the "Idiot Rep From Virginia..." But I am flattered no less...