Rescheduling River Belle...

You may have noticed that our River Belle Poker Tournament was missing in action this morning/afternoon on the river belle poker room software. It seems as if River Belle had pushed out an update, and forgot to put the private MTT folder back where it belonged. When they did put it back, our tournament was not visible.

Instead of messing with it, we deleted the tournament. We're going to run this tournament on Tuesday of next week. So, next week's schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 6/27 - $5+.50 poker tournament with $50 added to the prize pool at River Belle Poker.

Wednesday 6/28 - $5+.50 $50 added CheckRayz Heads-up poker challenge to the prize pool at Celeb Poker.

Thursday 6/29 - $3+.30 1 seat to $10K guaranteed added to the prize pool at Kiwi Poker.

Friday 6/30 - "Last call"... $5+.50 $50 added to the prize pool at River Belle Poker. This is the last tournament of the quarter before I reset the leaderboard again.

Four opportunities to elevate yourself on the leaderboard. There will be a leaderboard event of some sort, details to come soon. My advice is to do what one can to elevate yourself to the top ten.

Have a great weekend everyone.