It was not me…

Very recently, a poker room called Check N Raise Poker seems to have cheated their players out of promised WSOP seats won through a tournament. I first came across this news via Felicia’s Blog.

Following the link paths, there are conversation threads regarding the topic on twoplustwo and RGP.

This marks the second time in as many months where scandal of some sort has had a near miss with my CheckRayz name.

There was also a scandal with CheckRaised, which can be read about here at haley's blog. Essentially, there was a Trojan in a web-based program on this site (rake back calculator).

I wish to point out, that in no way, shape, and/or form am I now or have I ever been associated with either Check N Raise Poker, or CheckRaised. Our names may be similar (CheckRayz vs. Check N Raise Poker vs. CheckRaised), but they are not the same. Please be aware of that…
Additionally, I do my best to “do my homework” when it comes to promoting poker rooms or endorsing poker rooms within our CheckRayz Organization. Does this mean that I will never be “burned?” Probably not. Honestly, there are times when one will never see it coming. Other times, “how could I be so blind” is a question that comes to mind. Yet other times, we avoid a room and dodge a bullet.

I never made it around to Check N Raise. It was not because I saw something coming though. It was simply that their affiliate manager did us a favor and did not return my email requesting information on their site. That is one way to filter someone out. If I email or contact by phone an affiliate manager and do not get a response in a timely manner, I move on to the next poker room. It is that simple. Of course, when they in fact respond, I review with a fine tooth comb the requested information, and may come up with additional questions. I am rather new to the business end of this; however, I am not new to business. Either way, I am learning quickly though and erring on the side of caution.

I’ll bottom line with this: They were not us, and other than similar names, we were nowhere near the fire.


--- The not smoking thing is getting easier, thank God.