"monthly game" today...

The "Monthly Game" is today... As usual, I'm pumped for the game. Mitch will be defending his title (most likely as aggressively as the "Blind Defender" "protects" his blinds). It should be noted that "the shirt" is the only two time champion.

I think I left my card protector at the weekly game last week, which brings me to this unofficial game of "one upsmanship" we have going on.

"The shirt" has his lucky poker shirt (a hawaiian style shirt with different poker hands and sayings on it). Mitch has countered the luck of the shirt with his "money necklace." I'll be bringing my "poker" braclet to counteract both the shirt and the necklace. I considered bringing a "SuperDonk" stuffed animal, but the stuffed animal is a horse, not a donkey, so that won't work too well.

Sidenote... Good thing I am paying attention to the things I should be paying attention to, as I almost called a rather large raise with a poor hand, thinking I was calling. Though that would solve my problem of not getting action at this particular table (30/9/-18.27/22/40 table stats, in case anyone is keeping score). I'd have left the table long ago, however the seat to my right is a constant tilt magnet (last three peeps have sat to my right, had pocket aces, and got bigtime sucked out on by someone at the table, which led to a constant whining and complaining --- almost as if it was the same guy every time).

Second sidenote, the "River Belle Incident" is being worked on. For those who didn't know, we had a private poker tourney scheduled for Friday night. River Belle modified their poker software and the private mtt folder disappeared, as did our tournament. I tried to get the tourney to reappear, but it didn't happen. Thus, the tourney got deleted. Unfortunately, anyone who entered found that the money they paid to enter disappeared right along with the tourney and the folder.

I've been in constant contact with support, and will be most likely releasing the support details here on the Poker Pub. I will say that River Belle have assured me that on Monday, all players who were affected by this will be reimbursed.

While I am extremely confident that we'll all be taken care of, I am not comfortable setting up a "rainout day" tournament until it is confirmed that we've all been taken care of. So, hang in there, more news to come...