quick hits...

Just a real quick hit here. Perhaps, time permitting I will make a real post tonight. If not... definitely tommorrow.

1. I'm buried in the "No Limit Hold'em - Theory and Practice" book Sklanksy put out... All I have to say is "wow!" (its a must have)

2. CheckRayz returns to Noble Poker tonight for the 10K guaranteed. Need ten for this tourney to make it a go. Two seats should be added to the prize pool, if I remember correctly.

3. I'm still in the not smoking project. I am intermittantly tilting, so bare with me. I won't crack under pressure to smoke, but the withdrawl and lifestyle change really sux *but well worth it long-term.

4. I struck a promotional gig for the blog with 5 star deal. This is where I buy my poker chips and poker supplies. If you're in the market for anything poker related, check them out. They have the better prices on the net. Additionally, if someone sees something they like on their site, and they wish to "rake" for it, I'm willing to discuss such a possibility - hit me up via email, and we can do things on a case by case basis.

5. My live series of tournaments begin this weekend. We're running a ten week event to support a local charitable cause. More on this later in the week.