Instant replay for Judith

Here are some hands of note from last night’s CheckRayz Poker tournament at Noble Poker. As a side note, I need to mention that I am undefeated from a prize pool standpoint (winning either top prize - satellite seats, or first place) when on the phone with someone I’ve not spoken to in ages. Specifically, someone very special to me tracked me down after twelve years. We were conversing for the duration of the tournament. It stood to reason, with that track record, I’d be in the money.

Hand number 1

Blinds 10/20

Bob limps UTG, Judith raises 8x blinds to 160, I call cleanly, blinds fold, as does Bob. Judith should, at this point, be thinking pocket pair and/or ace king. I’m thinking mid to high pocket pair and/or ace king for Judith.

The flop comes 4-4-6. I check the flop, Judith bets 400 into the roughly 400 chip pot. This leaves her very little money to bet the turn and river, and I know it. She’d have been better off betting either half the pot, or pushing all-in here. I help “correct” things by raising all-in, as I don’t have her on quad fours, A4, or A6. She “could” have 4’s though, just as she could have set her sixes. I have most of the logical hand range beat, so easy play for me. She calls, flipping over her pocket eights, to my pocket kings. My hand holds up.

Very Next Hand...

With 185 chips remaining, blinds still 10/20, Judith is dealt ace king UTG. She pushes all-in, which is a move I like given the chip stack and the fact it’s a reload tourney. She’s called by 88, fails to improve and reloads.

Later in the tournament...

Judith put in her infamous “min raise” with AK offsuit in the SB, allowing Bob in the big blind sufficient odds to call with ace eight off. The hand is checked down, and Bob takes it down with the pair of eights. A larger raise, to include an all in bet would have been best here, as a steal at these levels (blinds 100/200) would have worked out fine.
Judith’s last hurrah comes with pushing all in with pocket fives for $200 above the BB. Easy call all around. Dan takes it down from the small blind with his king four off.

No Judith, I’m not picking on you, just throwing the replay up there for conversation later in the day. And by the way, by all means, keep the hands and the questions and the debates coming!

Talk to you soon!