Random Poker Room Ramblings...

As with the beginning of every month, since I've started this poker tournament endeaver at CheckRayz, I've taken most of the week off, with respect to my typical poker room play, in order to organize the month ahead. Now, I admit I was already ahead of the curve as far as having organized several free poker tournaments, in addition to money added poker tournaments prior to the month's end. I am, however, also working to bring you more new and innovative poker rooms to add to the already impressive arsenal of poker rooms that CheckRayz offers. Additionally, I'm in the process of adding/modifying my poker links directory, with intentions of adding links to poker forums, poker leagues, poker blogs, and compelling, thought provoking poker commentary in which I both approve of, and find value in.

Additionally, I plan to organize the poker promotions and bonuses page. Neither little brother (the webmaster) nor I are graphics types of guys, so this becomes the most challenging part for me. I'm all marketing and planning in my background. And I am a quick learner. However, I have yet to be able to draw something as simple as a stick figure, and have someone positively identify it. Same with organizing a room, with respect to furnature placement... not an area I'm strong in. So, this whole organizing a webpage is something else I am weak in. However, I plan to give it my all and am sure that with a little overtime, I'll come up with something that is not an eyesore.

It will be at this time (when I get that page organized) that we'll be introducing some new poker rooms to our community. I'm really excited as to what the month of March has to offer at CheckRayz. We've already blew the River Belle out of the water, holding a sweet money added poker tourney there on Wednesday. We can skip over this past Thursday... nuff said.

Last night, we took Hollywood by storm, packing 15 of the best poker players into a private $200 event there. End result was some phenominal poker play, new faces on the official CheckRayz Poker Tour Leaderboard - which will be updated again this weekend. Looks as if for now, the drunken donk is still sitting on top, despite relativey early exits from both events, with Texas Dan taking total ownership of me. Both tourneys, first to act I pushed allin, being relatively short stacked with respect to my M. Both times, I had KJo. Both time, Dan said bye, then called/came over top. Both times, I fell victim to Dan's bullets. Anyone got a calculator to figure the odds? In the final two tourneys of launch week, I think I am going to both avoid pushing with KJo, AND just straight up request a table change when Dan's at my table. He a monster and totally owning "Don Keg." I stand a better chance blinding out than I do heads up with him in mid to late poker tourney action.

Finally, the rumours are indeed true. We're actually holding a real Heads-up holdem poker tournament in the upcoming week. The tourney will take place at Celeb Poker and contain an added $50 to the prize pool. This heads-up holdem poker tourney will take place on March 9, 2006 at 9pm EST, and will be one day after the $100 free poker tournament we're holding at Celeb Poker, which is on March 8, 2006 at 9pm. To enter either of the poker tournaments, one must first be a card playing member of CheckRayz. Second, you must download the poker room from the link provided by one of the CheckRayz sites. A side note, registration for the events open 24 hours prior to the tourney start time.

While the registration process begins pretty much last minute - to avoid sitouts as per Celeb's policy, I would not wait until the 11th hour (read: 8.30pm on the day of the tourney of choice) to register. Celeb have pushed out an update or three since the last time CheckRayz held an event there. Consequently, it may take time to get er done. No password is necessary for either event. Oh, and another thing, don't believe the checkrayz database if it tells you you're successfully registered for the event. There's a glitch, which is part of the "known issues" that my brother and I are currently working on, that tells you you're already entered, when in fact you're not. That being said, do not believe the database, as its "lying." Go to Celeb, find the tourney and register.

Have a great weekend everyone, more to write about soon. See you at Kiwi today at 1 for the freeroll and tommorrow for the "donk fest."