Poker Tournaments of note for the upcoming week

After pretty much taking the week off last week, I am prepared to get my poker playing back into full swing. Look out donks, the drunken beer gawd is back! In addition to slappin' some "ass" on the poker tables, I will be looking to take in some poker tournament action. Below is a list of poker tournaments that I've deemed to be interesting, compelling... and just might be worth playing. I'm not necessarily "committing" to playing in all of these events, although I will have my eye on them, and am really making this post for both your benefit and mine!


2pm Hollywood Poker Celebrity Classic $10+1 $500 added - always fun to play in this extraloose event, tryin to collect bounties on the celebs who are in. Sidenote, not that I am an omaha player,but I noticed several omaha tourneys at Hollywood Poker, which I am sure a few of my readers may be interested in.

3pm - CheckRayz DonkFest at Kiwi Poker. $1+.10 fully equipped with rebuys and addons. Bet yer "ass" (read: player to yer right) that I'll be there.Sunday

7pm - NZ Poker Championship Super Satellite. $200+15. I'm wanting this trip, and with such a small field, I may just enter.

11pm - $1000 Guaranteed. New poker room, sure to be an overlay. Great software, look and feel.


1.30pm - $5K Guaranteed. 25+2.50 - freezeout.

3.30pm - $19K Guarantee. $10+1 - rebuy, addon.

Sidenote, every day at 4pm - Poker Night Live. $10+1. No overlay or money added here, however, your chance to be a star. These events are televised in part. Great opportunity to make someone famous!


11am. 2K Guaranteed. $10+1 - freezeout. at Bodog - I know what you're saying... "Beer guy, you always bitch about getting sucked out on at bodog! WTF?"I know I know... The overlays are just too sweet to pass up. And there will surely be an overlay here.

3.45pm - WSOP Ladies Super Satellite Qualifier. $15.20+1.30. 1 in five qualify for 25 March event. Of course, I cannotplay in this one, but my understanding is that my female demographics regarding my readership are through the roof! Rise upand represent!!!

8.45pm - WSOP Short Handed Super Satellite Qualifier. $25+2 - feeder to WSOP Shorthanded Super Satellite. 1 in 6 win a seat to the 18 March event. (I'm a short handed playa, bet yer ass imma enter this one).

9pm - CheckRayz Freeroll at Celeb Poker. $100 freeroll poker tournament, reg opens tuesday 9pm, race ya there.


9pm - CheckRayz Heads Up Poker Challenge at Celeb Poker. $5+.50, $50 added. Our first ever heads up MTT Challenge. Registration begins at 9pm on Wednesday.


9pm - Bounty tournament. $25+2. Bounty at Doyle's? Nuff said, count me in.


8.30pm. $20K Guaranteed at Bodog. $35+3 with rebuys/addons. I play this and singlehandedly ruin the overlay...

All for now. Tommorrow we look at news in the world of poker, and of course my thoughts as they apply to said news (plus, we'll surely "fabricate" some news of my own)...