"The big CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour Announcement..."

Three big events are in the works for the CheckRayz Leaderboard. For starters, River Belle have become the Official Sponsor of the CheckRayz Leaderboard. Big shout out and thank you to River Belle Poker! What this means to you, the readers and CheckRayz members is that we're throwin' a huge party in the poker room onboard the River Belle! Actually, make that three parties. Yea, you read correctly, there is going to be three CheckRayz Leaderboard events in the month of April to crown our first quarter CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour champion. The details of the three events are as follows:

Event 1 - CheckRayz Leaderboard Rewards at River Belle

This first event is a "by invitation only" $200 freeroll, hosted by CheckRayz at the Poker Room onboard the River Belle. Everyone who has obtained Leaderboard Points in the first quarter will be invited to this event via an email from me (pay special attention to the "how to RSVP" section which will be contained in this email). This Leaderboard Tournament is designed to reward everyone who had a top nine finish at any of the CheckRayz endorsed poker tourneys we've held during the first quarter. The winner will will earn his or her way into event number three (see below).

Event Number 2 - CheckRayz Leaderboard Shootout at River Belle Poker to crown the official first quarter champion.

Once again, "by invitation only" this time, however, only the top ten in CheckRayz Leaderboard points are eligable (as of March 31st, 2006). This event will also be a $200 freeroll, courtesy of our official leaderboard sponsor, River Belle Poker. Make no mistakes... while this is a small field (ten peeps) this shootout championship poker tourney stands to be the toughest event to date on the CheckRayz tour. The winner of the CheckRayz Leaderboard Shootout Championship will be crowned the official CheckRayz Poker Tour Champion for the first Quarter of 2006, and will also win his or her way into event three (see below). Additionally, he or she will be guaranteed a spot in similar events one and three for the remaining three quarters of 2006! Oh, I nearly forgot, the winner of this top ten event, in addition to the above, will also find an extra $50 of the Beer Guy's hard earned cash transferred to them, paying homage to the newly crowned champion.

Event number three - $100 winner takes all CheckRayz Leaderboard Challenge

Both the winner of the CheckRayz Leaderboard Rewards (event 1), and the newly crowned CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour Champion, as crowned in event number 2 will receive an automatic invitation to this $100 winner takes all CheckRayz Leaderboard Challenge. It comes as no surprise that this event is also a freeroll and is being held once again (say it with me folks) at the poker room onboard the River Belle. I'm allowing for two ways to qualify for this event... well, three actually. The first path to this winner takes all event is by winning either the Rewards or the Shootout events, which is probably the toughest way to earn your spot here.

The second way to earn your spot in the winner takes all Leaderboard Challenge is to give our sponsor some lovin'. "What do you mean, beer guy," you ask? Glad you asked (and right on cue too). For starters, you had to have (or have to if you've yet to do so) downloaded River Belle Poker through me via either my email link, my blog links, the shark forum link, or the CheckRayz site. Said another way, you must be one of "mine" at CheckRayz. Second, Rake AT LEAST 250 hands (250 is the requirement to qualify here, but feel free to keep going!) at River Belle Poker between today (March 15th 2006 and March 31st 2006). We'll be adding a River Belle Raked Hands Leaderboard link no later than Monday Morning to monitor one's progress, as well as the progress of everyone else. 250 hands gets you into this event. The winner of this raked hands challenge will also receive some CheckRayz "swag," in addition to an invitation to this event.

The third way to earn an invitation to our Leaderboard Challenge is through the "refer a friend" campaign. On Friday, everyone will be receiving a CheckRayz newsletter. To earn points in the refer a friend campaign, click the "forward to a friend" button at the bottom, write a personal note, something like... "hey joe, i know you love to play poker and thought this would be of interest to you. Why don't you sign up to play free poker with me? Please be sure to put my screenname (insert your screenname here) in the "referred by" column. Thanks, (your name)." To save readers time, by tommorrow on the CheckRayz site and during the "mailbag" here at the Poker Pub, I will address the "terms and conditions" that apply with this refer a friend qualifier - because there are indeed terms and conditions. However, I'd like to keep our eye on the prize, and not directly drawn to the fine print, which while of importance is not the focus of this writing.

So anyways... three ways to qualify for the Leaderboard Challenge, which has $100 hanging "high above the thirty foot high steel cage." (had to get a professional wrestling plug in there somehow). Oh yea... I forgot to add... the winner of event number three, the CheckRayz Leaderboard Challenge will also be receiving a pokertracker program (hold'em version) fully equipped with activation (must be downloaded through my pokertracker link... I'll purchase activation code --- not redeemable for cash).

Recap - CheckRayz First Quarter 2006 Leaderboard Poker Tour Championship Events

host and official sponsor - River Belle Poker

when: TBA in the first two weeks of April (top ten will vote, majority rules for event number two)

events, prizes, and how to qualify:

  • Event 1 - CheckRayz Leaderboard Rewards: $200 freeroll, qualify by scoring Leaderboard points at one of the CheckRayz tourneys held during the first quarter of 2006.
  • Event 2 - CheckRayz Leaderboard Shootout: $200 freeroll ($50 added goes to the winner via the Beer Guy) to crown the first quarter CheckRayz leaderboard champion, qualify by finishing in the top ten for leaderboard points at the end of the first quarter (March 31, 2006).
  • Event 3 - CheckRayz Leaderboard Challenge: $100 winner takes all tourney (pokertracker bought and paid for by the Beer Guy). Qualify by either winning events 1 and/or two, raking 250 hands at River Belle poker, or via the CheckRayz Leaderboard refer a friend campaign. *terms and conditions apply (detailed tommorrow via mailbag and also available tommorrow via the checkrayz leaderboard rules page.

More on the above tommorrow along with the Friday night mailbag. Stay tuned and thanks for playing! Have a festive, yet safe St. Patty's day. And finally, keep plugging away in support of the CheckRayz tour. There are still plenty of events and ways left to qualify for any of the events detailed above.