Leaderboard reminder and blog notes...

River Belle Poker, the official sponsor of the CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour, will be hosting (in conjunction with CheckRayz.com) 3 big events with over $600 in cash and prizes to be awarded. These three CheckRayz Leaderboard events will take place in the month of April to crown our first quarter CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour champion.

These three events will take place at River Belle Poker. Full details of the three big events are as follows:

Event 1 - CheckRayz Leaderboard Rewards: $200 freeroll, qualify by scoring Leaderboard points at one of the CheckRayz tourneys held during the first quarter of 2006. Said another way, make the top nine between now and the end of March at any of our eight remaining freeroll poker tourneys or our buy-in, with money added poker tourneys, and qualify for this event. This event is expected to hold in the first or second week of April.

Event 2 - CheckRayz Leaderboard Shootout: $200 freeroll ($50 added goes to the winner via the Beer Guy in addition to the already sweet prize pool) to crown the first quarter CheckRayz leaderboard poker tour champion, qualify by finishing in the top ten for leaderboard points at the end of the first quarter (March 31, 2006).

Event 3 - CheckRayz Leaderboard Challenge: $100 winner takes all tourney (pokertracker bought and paid for by the Beer Guy will be awarded to the winner, in addition to the cash prize - pokertracker not redeemable for cash). Qualify by either winning events 1 and/or two, raking 250 hands at River Belle poker, or via the CheckRayz Leaderboard "refer a friend" campaign (please follow link, as *terms and conditions apply for the "refer a friend" campaign.

Additional CheckRayz "swag" will be awarded to the top raked hands at River Belle. Three ways to enter this event, don't get locked out!

That being said, there are still 8 poker tourneys remaining in the first quarter of the CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour. The leaderboard can now be expanded to display everyone who currently has leaderboard points. Take a look by clicking the link.

Bare with me as the Poker Pub is going through some renovations, in my effort to organize everything exactly the way I want it... Comments may be delayed (or not "count up") and catigories may not yet be fully functional. I hope to have these all fixed and a few added features in the near future, so hang in there and thanks for reading!