"Last Call" and the Mailbag...

Last Call for Leaderboard Points…!!!

One tourney remains, to crown the points Champion of CheckRayz. Who will finish first in the “two horse race” for bragging rights to the points championship? Will it be yer drunken hero, the beer guy? Or will Bob, BC4547 close the gap. Stop by River Belle tonight. Deposit, register, and play in the $100 added, $5+.50 buy in tourney. This is your final opportunity to score Leaderboard points, which can potentially make you eligible for two of the three end of the quarter CheckRayz Leaderboard events. Don’t miss the 11pm EST “Last Call” for Leaderboard points tonight at River Belle Poker.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this. In an effort to help out Bob, there will be a twenty dollar bounty on my head tonight. Oust me from the tourney, collect a twenty spot… its that simple.
As for the end of the quarter festivities, marking the end of our inaugural and very successful first quarter CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour (sponsored by River Belle Poker), we are having three huge tourneys. There is still time to qualify. The tournaments, all held at River Belle Poker, are as follows:

CheckRayz Leaderboard Shootout - CheckRayz Top Ten Shootout to crown the first quarter CheckRayz Leaderboard Champion.
Wednesday April 5, 2006 11pm EST
$200 Freeroll with an additional $50 to be transferred to the winner, courtesy of imhere4beer.
Prize Pool: $200 (courtesy of River Belle Poker)

Note 1: I will send invitations from my personal email account, which I need responses to NO LATER THAN Monday April 3 at 10am EST.

Note 2: The “rainout date” for this tourney is Thursday April 13 at 10pm EST in the event logistics do not work out between River Belle and myself.

Note 3: The “top ten” is not yet set in stone. 150 Leaderboard points go to the winner of tonight’s event. The tenth spot is currently occupied by “Belz,” who has 215 points. Those of you who have 65 or more Leaderboard points can still potentially make the top ten with a win tonight at River Belle for the buy in. Take a shot!!! (“hard sell” noted).

CheckRayz Leaderboard Rewards - Freeroll for all who have accumulated CheckRayz Leaderboard points in the first quarter of 2006 to reward members for their finishes.
Saturday April 8, 2006 6pm EST
$200 freeroll - invitation only.
Prize Pool: $200 (courtesy of River Belle)

Note 1: Mike will send invitations today. Response is necessary NO LATER THAN 10am EST April 5th, no exceptions!

Note 2: If you do not receive an invitation, but believe you earned Leaderboard points, you must let me know NO LATER THAN Monday April 3rd at 5pm EST. Additionally, you MUST provide the tourney date, poker room name, your screen name at that poker room, your checkrayz screen name, and where you finished in the tournament. I have all the tournaments on record and will verify this information, letting you know my findings.

CheckRayz Leaderboard Challenge - Private Freeroll tourney for all who successfully "answered" the challenge. Winner takes all.
Friday April 14, 2006 10pm EST
Prize Pool: $100 (courtesy of IMHERE4BEER), pokertracker program with activation key (courtesy of IMHERE4BEER)

Qualify via one of the three ways:

1. Win either the Shootout, or the Rewards event.

2. Rake 250 hands (any blind level) at River Belle Poker (only applies if you’ve downloaded and registered via a CheckRayz link). If you did not download through me at River Belle, you may register and rake 250 hands (any blind level) at another CheckRayz endorsed poker room. To qualify via another poker room, you must first email me to have the request “approved” and must be “one of mine” at that given poker room. This rake requirement is good for raked hands played between March 1 and April 6.

3. Refer-a-friend. Refer three friends to CheckRayz. Have them sign up via the CheckRayz site, being certain they list you either by name (first and last name), or by your CheckRayz screen name. Additional requirement is that they download one new poker site from the CheckRayz site to “verify” their existence.

Note: Invitations will be sent as people qualify. If you qualify… or believe you qualify via the refer a friend path or at a poker room other than River Belle (approval required first), send me an email alerting me of such facts. Deadline for qualification is April 6th at 11.59pm EST. RSVP no later than April 11th for this event. I reserve the right of final say on qualifications.


With the announcement seemingly out of the way, we move to the mailbag. With our first letter coming from Clay in Minnesota:


JEEZ!! Now you've called me out on the carpet!! I haven't played a leaderboard event in like a month...but I can still whoop you and Bob if I house it and you donks don't get points. Looks like I'll have to sign up and defend my honor tonight. lol.

P.S. - Someone from Minnesota wins the leaderboard shootout event and then houses the winner take all Challenge. 4 of the top ten currently on the Checkrayz Leaderboard are from Minnesota!! So I got good odds here, hehe

I respond: Clay, I "eyeballed" the leaderboard numbers and failed to carry the one. My bad. The above announcement and email that it was "copied" from should read "three horse race for bragging rights of first quarter champion between Bob, Clay, and Beer." No disrespect intended in the oversight, just a non-math major semi-bluffin his way through math class. Good call, teach! That being said... Gary is the hottest player on the tour right now and I see him housing any event he gets his arms around until he chooses not to. If he's from MN, then my money is with you. Though I will give my formal predictions as the field unfolds.

From no fewer than 16 people:

Where do I find the password for (insert CheckRayz tourney of choice here)?

Log onto the CheckRayz site, once logged in, go to the tourney schedule page. "Click here to play!" Look up, top center of screen... get a visual lock on the password. Go to corresponding poker room, find tourney, click register, type password exactly as it appears.

From no fewer than seven people:

Can you please email me the password to (insert CheckRayz tourney of choice here)?

Its my policy to not send passwords via email or messenger, except under rare, extreme circumstances. I'll gladly educate on how to obtain password, sending instructions that I really should pre-script via a FAQ, but send a password I will not.

Hand delivered to me on the poker tables:

Beer, I don't mind the later starts, but the late finishes are killin me. Can you help yo brothaz and sistaz out?

I got your back. We'll begin starting, for the most part, our freerolls and larger tourneys at 10pm EST, while I like the buyins starting at 11 more often than not. This gives somewhat of a time lapse between the shark events and the checkrayz events so that the start times do not conflict. I'll be making adjustments as appropriate, so keep me posted as to who is wanting what, and when.

Finally, I'm going to end the mailbag with a link to what the author describes simply as "Bad play of the day" --- nuff said there.

No blogging tommorrow and probably not Sunday either, as the Beer Guy has a wedding to attend this weekend. We'll be back Monday with the State of the CheckRayz address and some freeroll & money added poker tourneys to announce.