Friday night... Don't fret, we have a full mailbag. But first, thoughts of the week...

Ten Things I Think I Think...

1. TexasDan owns me. Actually, his Aces own me. Twice I was launched from CheckRayz poker tournaments by acting first, low M, pushing allin by Dan. Both times, I held KJo, he held aces.

2. What are the odds of that happening twice in one week?

3. The combined schedule of CheckRayz poker events and Shark poker events is an impressive sight.

4. I have a feeling that the number of events for March is still growing.

5. Can you imagine what April's poker tourney schedule is gonna look like?

6. I really like the feel and blinds structure of River Belle's poker tourneys.

7. I'm looking forward to a great summer of reading, with Sklansky, Harrington and Miller all coming out with books in May.

8. I'm really enjoying reading Tanya's Poker Blog.

9. I'm looking forward to playing in... and winning one of her sweet wsop events.

10. Its mailbag time.


First bit of mail comes from just about everyone who received a newsletter and clicked on touchstone's link.


I can't get signed up for the tourney... Help.

I updated the FAQ - twice actually on the freeroll poker blog. The event ended up being a disaster. I pulled the plug on it, but it still held. All I have to say is that it was a learning experience... A frustrating lesson. Future tourneys will not be this difficult... ever.

Beer Guy,

When will the money added from River Belle Poker and Hollywood Poker transfer?

The money added will transfer three business days tops from the respective tourney dates. RB and I weren't able to get the $$$ added prior, I expect it to credit to ya by Monday. Hollywood's standard protocol with us is three days after. I'll be following up with each of them.

Hi Beer Man,

You ever gonna leave the top of your leaderboard?

You gonna knock me off of it? Don't just sing it... Bring it!

speaking of knocking me off...

Hi - what's a launch bonus?

The money collected, that I add, out of my own pocket (my beer money), to knock me out of one of our poker tournaments. Trying to give the peeps incentive to knock the donk off the top of the checkrayz poker tour leaderboard.

Finally, we'll conclude with the email of the week...


Is that a Heads up poker tourney you have listed on your poker tournament calendar at Celeb Poker?

Sure is! $50 added to the prize pool, and the day after the freeroll poker tourney we're holding at Celeb Poker.