Offtopic Thursday...

Housekeeping Items

1. Regarding the CheckRayz Poker Pub Blog, I think I'm going to follow the following format regarding my posting habbits, to keep some sort of consistancy to my blog postings.

Monday - Poker News
Tuesday - Strategy
Wednesday - Strategy
Thursday - off-topic posts
Friday - Thoughts on the week that was and the ever so popular Friday night mailbag
Saturday-Sunday - Whatever I feel like posting, with hopes of doing a regular... or semi-regular guest spot.

That being said, I'm going to begin today and go off topic, continuing endgame strategy on Tuesday. Eventually, I'll get around to reworking the archives so that each topic will be appropriately archived.

Upcoming Kentucky Derby

I've been somewhat of a fan of the month of March. Not just because of the March Madness either. I've had quite the string of luck in betting the ponys over the past few years, specifically at the kentucky derby. I got "lucky" and nailed the trifecta two years ago, getting behind a relatively unknown Smarty Jones before it was fashionable to do so. I also got behind Giacomo for the derby last year, in addition to Closing Arguement, both of which I lost interest in as the triple crown progressed.

I have a "formula" I use to pick my Derby favorites. I've not yet even begun to crunch numbers, and do not dabble in the futures pools that are out there, however, I'm taking a liking to two of the contenders of the derby field, First Samurai is really standing out in my mind - especially if he makes it to the Derby and the track is sloppy. I'm also liking a horse named Sweetnorthernsaint as a value play. Additionally, I'm digging a horse running a bit below the radar right now called Point Determined.

The field will become more clear this weekend where their will be several big prep races, which will show us who the pretenders are. It should be noted that I've got no valid reason to not like the favored Brother Derek, however, he seems like yet another one of those horses who are hyped going into the derby that do not pan out.

These are not my "picks," just my observations with the untrained eye. I'll begin crunching stats and offering thoughts and commentary in the near future.

Football Notes...

You just knew I'd have to find a way to bring football into off topic thursday, given that my Steelers are once again... Your Super Bowl Champions.

It seems there is going to be Chaos in the NFL in the upcoming years, (read, pissing contest between the owners and the NFLPA). This is going to make life difficult going forward for the smaller market clubs, in my mind. I'm not sure I'm liking what I see. Additionally, Cutler is a cut above the rest (of the universe not named Leinart going into the draft), and Vince Young is nothing more than an "also ran." Though, I see Vince landing in Oakland, as big Al loves speed (wouldn't be surprised to see Marcus Vick go there as either a very late round pick or an undrafted free agent either).

Thoughts and the mailbag tommorrow...