quick CheckRayz update...

Well, I am glad I used the word "SHOULD" (in quotes) in my last post, regarding the CheckRayz site. The database was obviously not hooked up last weekend, as expected. So, I offer my sincere appologies to those who tried to register but could not. I received email and/or instant messages from several of you regarding this. All I can say is hang in there and thanks in advance for understanding. These things often do not go off as planned. Hopefully, the database will be connected soon and we can begin taking on members and startin' some chip slingin' check rayz'n action as planned. I'm still holding onto the guidance of our first tourney starting mid December. This is of course subject to change, pending the Db. However, I continue to have faith that all will be resolved soon and we can begin as scheduled (just a bit under the gun from a timing standpoint).

Speaking of chip slingin' and check rayz'n action; the Championships for the 2005 Shark Poker Tour are slated for today at 2pm EST. Heads up, best of seven series between Matt and Tim (sweetness and tgreer). The Championship Venue is Ultimate Bet. Sweetness813 and tgreer61 are the names to put in the Ultimate Buddy.

Just keep in mind, for those of you who do not know any better... When you're watching this today, it is "Heads up," not your full table. Consequently, you have to play much more loosely than you would at a full table. Hands such as 3-5s are playable in Heads up, and not even close to being playable in a full table. So if you see one of the two combatants playing a hand of this nature brilliantly, I offer you the warning "Don't try this at home, "pros" train for this and are able to pull off such feats and are not fit for amateurs without receivin the donk title."

That bein said, good luck & see ya soon... off to the Beer Pong Tourney.