Great Reading...

In addition to this blog and the Shark's Blog, I've compiled a short list of "must reads" on the nets (blogs, forums, articles, and the like...):

1. Bill's blog --- This is an open letter to "Mr. Online Poker is Rigged." In addition to his open letter, the material he posts is priceless! Check it out, as its worth a daily visit!

2. Daniel Negreanu's Poker Journal --- The best in the business shares his thoughts.

3. Card Squad --- Compilation of news from the world of poker.

4. Two+Two Internet Magazine --- Collection of articles from some of the most technically sound playaz in the game.

5. Two+Two Forums --- Best minds of poker gather here to discuss the game.

6. Pokertracker tips --- Offers a brief overview as to how one can/should use pokertracker to improve his/her game and tag some donks.

7. Cardplayer Magazine --- Collection of articles, stories, reports, and interviews from the professional poker circuits.

Enjoy... off to the Burgh for the day to see the Bro.