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I'm constantly evaluating and re-evaluating my game, regularly identifying opportunity to improve. My most recent "issue" appears to be later in tourneys. I do a very good job of establishing that Tight Aggressive image I seek. I rarely play "junk." However, early in the money or on the bubble, I have been getting nailed. And I'm not quite sure why. My hand selection is usually such that I'm the favorite (be it slightly or heavily) preflop, yet, I'm bustin. Why is this?
The first thought that comes to mind is that I end up goin' to far with the hand - but who can blame me? Take one beat as an example. Aces UTG, so I raise hard. I get 1 taker (in the blinds of course), he's holding king shit unsuited. He reraises, which I gladly call. Flop comes in a klan-like manner KKK, thus knocking me out two from the money.
That was an extreme example. Others, such as AKs v 10-10 or AQ vs KQ, one last night AKs vs Q2s, the list goes on and on and on and on lately.
This is something though that I'm not certain how to fix. Should I avoid being all-in on these hands when someone comes over top of me (thus moving to a tight weak posture)? Should I throw the cards away when the flop misses me (yet another tight weak position)? This is something I'm not really sure how to fix. Actually, is there a fix, for that matter? I'd be inclined to say that I'm playing these critical hands right, for the most part. Yet, its happening so consistantly, that its hard to think there's nothing "wrong" with my play near or just beyond the bubble.
One thought I had, is that I'm so tight prior to these hands, that I become bored and have forgotten all hands I've played prior. Or maybe its that I've not participated in a hand for any longer than "these people's" attention span (5 minutes), thus they've forgot that they might be calling into a monster.
Bottom line is that I'm not real sure how I can fix this "issue." Feedback is helpful and I'll be pondering it for a while. I'll keep everyone updated as I think things through.